The Jazz just completed a 3-1 road trip with wins in Houston, New Orleans, and Dallas, and a loss in Minnesota. That finale was also notable for seeing star guard Donovan Mitchell sit out late with hamstring tightness — an injury that will cause him to miss tonight’s game vs. Memphis.

In this edition of the Weekly Run podcast, the Tribune’s Andy Larsen and Eric Walden discuss general takeaways from the trip, including the struggles of the usually solid defense. Meanwhile, what does Mitchell’s injury mean? Who takes his place in the starting lineup? Burks? Exum? O’Neale? Allen? Crowder?

Also, Rudy Gobert is straight-up killing it right now, averaging better than 18 points and 13 rebounds; what’s making him so effective? And conversely, what’s do be done about Ricky Rubio’s continuing struggles?

We also get into Andy’s former life in the real estate business.

Here’s a rundown of this week’s podcast:

At 1:04 • How the road trip matched up vs. expectations

At 10:50 • Donovan Mitchell’s hamstring tightness, how long he’ll be out, and potential replacements in the starting lineup

At 19:20 • The impressive production of Rudy Gobert, ex-Jazzman Derrick Rose, and the production of the supporting cast

At 28:00 • Ricky Rubio’s continuing struggles

At 33:46 • Final thoughts, including predictions for Friday’s Memphis game.