Ricky Rubio reveals purple and gold Jazz throwback jersey

Photo: @RickyRubio9, Twitter

Last year, the Jazz made headlines by wearing two primary colors they’ve never tried before: the gold of the “Statement” jersey and the gradient orange of the “City” jersey.

This year, they’re making headlines by bringing some old colors back.

Point guard Ricky Rubio revealed the Jazz’s throwback jersey on social media on Wednesday morning, one of six different jerseys that the Jazz will have at their disposal during the 2018-19 season.

The purple is a throwback to the 1984-1995 seasons, when the Jazz wore the purple note jersey as their primary road uniforms. After that, the team switched to the infamous mountain jerseys.

The six jerseys the Jazz will be able to wear next season:

  • The white “Association” jersey

  • The navy “Icon” jersey

  • The gold “Statement” jersey

  • The gradient orange “City” jersey

  • This new purple “Throwback” jersey

  • A yet-to-be-announced but reportedly green “Christmas” jersey

Four of the uniforms the Jazz will wear this year. Rubio announced the fifth look on Wednesday, while the sixth will be the team's Christmas Day uniform.

Clearly, Rubio is a fan of the new look.

Photo: @RickyRubio9, Twitter

And yes, fans are quick: they’ve already made photoshops of other Jazz players in the new uniforms.

The jerseys are expected to go on sale in mid-November.