10 Best Energy Gummies of 2024 - Supercharge Your Cognitive and Physical Performance

Sponsored: The need for sustainable energy boosts has led many to search beyond their morning cup of coffee.

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In recent years, the need for sustainable energy boosts has led many to search beyond their morning cup of coffee. Energy gummies have become a game-changer in the world of supplements. As we dive into the top 10 energy gummies of 2024, we pay special attention to BATCH Energy Gummies, which have emerged as a market leader due to their unique blend of ingredients and effective results.

What Do Energy Gummies Do?

Energy gummies are more than just sugary snacks; they contain caffeine, B vitamins, and other energy-boosting ingredients. These gummies provide a convenient and enjoyable way to increase energy levels, enhance focus, and improve overall physical and mental performance. BATCH Energy Gummies, in particular, stand out for their advanced formula that ensures quick absorption and lasting energy without the jitters commonly associated with caffeine.

Discover the best 10 energy gummies that are reliable for providing a quick surge of energy when required. These products have been meticulously chosen considering the brand’s credibility, the components used, and independent third-party evaluations.

Here’s a quick look at our list of the best energy gummies:

  1. Top brand: BATCH Energy Gummies

  2. FOCL Functional Mushroom Gummies

  3. SOUL Happi Gummies

  4. Hydration Electrolyte Mix

  5. Neora Energy Wellness Chews

Honorable mentions for the best gummies for energy:

  1. CBDFx Gummies for Focus & Energy

  2. Lifters Yerba Maté Gummies

  3. Energy Gourmet Gummies

  4. OLLY Daily Energy Gummy

  5. Bulletproof Energy Gummies

Best Energy Gummies

Let’s dive into the specifics of the best energy gummies on our roster and explore why they stand out.

1. BATCH Energy Gummies

(BATCH, sponsored) BATCH energy gummies.

BATCH Energy Gummies are a top-tier choice for those seeking a natural, effective energy boost. Each gummy packs a punch with 50mg of caffeine, sourced purely from green tea, ensuring a smooth and sustained energy flow.

BATCH Energy Gummies have 5-HTP, a well-known supplement for mental well-being that enhances mood and energy levels. The inclusion of organic Cordyceps mushrooms offers a unique, herbally derived energy that is both lasting and gentle on the body.

For those looking to boost their cognitive performance and endurance, these gummies also contain 100mg of alpha-GPC, a compound known for enhancing brain function. Made with all-natural, plant-derived ingredients, they offer a health-conscious option for energy supplementation. The pleasant berry flavor is a delightful bonus, providing a tasty alternative to coffee bitterness.

BATCH Energy Gummies are best for workouts, active hobbies, or long working hours. They offer a non-jittery energy boost, making them a reliable and enjoyable choice for maintaining energy levels throughout the day.

2. FOCL Functional Mushroom Gummies

(BATCH, sponsored) FOCL mushroom gummies.

The FOCL Functional Mushroom Gummies are an energy-enhancing option with their natural blend of lions mane, cordyceps, and reishi providing an uplifting mood boost. The substantial 300mg of Lions mane per gummy supports cognitive function, improving alertness and focus. Additionally, their delicious berry flavor makes consuming them a pleasurable experience. Ideal for busy days, energy slumps, or enhancing focus and mood, these best gummies are a balanced and effective choice for natural energy support.

3. SOUL Happi Gummies

(BATCH, sponsored) Soul happi Gummies.

SOUL Happy Gummies offer a natural boost to both energy and mood with a delightful citrus flavor. Each gummy contains 25mg of CBD isolate, reducing stress and improving mood. Ingredients like L-theanine help alleviate anxiety and stress, while decaffeinated green tea extract provides anti-inflammatory benefits and antioxidants for energy enhancement. Kava-kava extract assists in calming anxiety, and Vitamin B6 is crucial for serotonin production and regulating mood. These orange-mango-flavored gummies are beneficial but convenient and tasty, perfect for those needing a mood and energy lift. With just one fruity bite, these gummies are poised to help you feel rejuvenated and more like yourself, making them a top choice for anyone looking for a natural way to boost their energy and mood.

4. BATCH’s Hydration Electrolyte Packets

(BATCH, sponsored) BATCH hydration sticks.

Hydration is a fundamental precursor to health and wellness. A lack of hydration can lead to feelings of lethargy throughout the day. BATCH’s hydration packets infuse your body with nearly 2000mg of electrolytes, all derived from natural sources. For example, BATCH uses pink himalayan sea salt as its source of Sodium, and coconut water as its source of naturally occurring Potassium. In addition to these natural sources of electrolytes, this electrolyte mix contains wheatgrass, ginger root extract, and cucumber extract. These ingredients combat antioxidants and lay a foundation for high energy levels. Although this mix doesn’t contain caffeine, it does contain the aforementioned essential nutrients that are conducive to high energy levels.

5. Neora Energy Wellness Chews

(BATCH, sponsored) Neora Energy Chews.

The Neora Energy Chews are crafted to tackle afternoon fatigue and brain fog. These well formulated gummies contain a unique combination of caffeine, L-theanine, and B vitamins. This ensures a significant boost in focus and mental clarity without the jittery side effects of standard caffeine. This is because the calming effect of L-theanine balances the alertness provided by caffeine. This product uniquely balances alertness and relaxation, providing a calm yet energized state, ideal for those demanding days. Experience a smooth, gentle energy uplift, perfect for overcoming afternoon lows or needing that extra evening push.

What’s the best gummy for energy?

When it comes to selecting the best energy gummy, it’s essential to consider factors like ingredient quality, effectiveness, and taste. BATCH Energy Gummies excel in all these areas, making them the top choice for those seeking a reliable energy boost. Their carefully crafted formula combines natural ingredients with scientific research, ensuring a safe and effective product.

What do power gummies do?

Power gummies are similar to energy gummies but often include additional ingredients to enhance physical performance and endurance. They are particularly popular among athletes and fitness enthusiasts. While both gummies aim to provide energy, power gummies might include additional components like amino acids and protein to support muscle recovery and growth.

How fast do energy gummies work?

One of the most significant advantages of energy gummies is their fast-acting nature. The body absorbs gummies faster than energy drinks or coffee, giving an almost immediate energy boost.

BATCH Energy Gummies are known for their rapid effectiveness, making them an ideal choice for those needing a quick energy lift.


1. How often can I take energy gummies?

You can typically take energy gummies once or twice daily, depending on your energy needs and the specific product’s guidelines. Following the recommended dosage on the packaging of the best energy gummies is important to avoid overconsumption.

Most energy gummies contain caffeine. Health authorities generally say that people can consume up to 400mg of caffeine per day without significant adverse effects. For comparison, one cup of coffee contains roughly 110mg of caffeine. For any of the recommended energy gummies, it’s recommended to start small and slowly dose your way up until you achieve the energy boost you want.

2. Are there any side effects associated with energy gummies?

Like any supplement, the best energy gummies can have side effects, especially if taken in excess. These may include jitteriness, an upset stomach, or difficulty sleeping, particularly if they contain excessive amounts of caffeine. It’s advisable to start with a lower dose to assess your tolerance.

3. Can energy gummies replace my morning coffee?

Yes, energy gummies can replace your morning coffee, especially if you’re looking for a convenient, portable energy source. Many of the best energy gummies contain caffeine and other energizing ingredients that can provide a similar wake-up boost.

4. What makes BATCH Energy Gummies different from others?

BATCH Energy Gummies stand out due to their high-quality, all-natural ingredients and their scientifically-backed formulation. They’re often preferred among the best energy gummies for their effective blend of energizing compounds without the common side effects of caffeine overuse.

BATCH also offers a special brain boost mushroom gummy made with lions mane and cordyceps that is great in combination with their energy gummies.

5. How do I choose the right energy gummy for my needs?

To choose the best energy gummy, consider factors like the type and amount of energizing ingredients, the presence of any additional health benefits, taste preferences, and any dietary restrictions like vegan or gluten-free options. Reading reviews and researching can also help in making an informed choice.

6. Can I take energy gummies with other supplements?

Generally, you can take energy gummies with other supplements, but checking for potential interactions is essential, especially if the supplements also contain stimulating ingredients. It’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before combining the best energy gummies with other supplements to ensure safety and efficacy.

Honorable mentions for Best Energy Gummies

CBDFx Gummies for Focus & Energy

Each serving of CBDFx CBD Gummies for Focus & Energy packs a powerful punch with 50mg broad-spectrum CBD, 50mg sharp phosphatidylserine (PS) for enhanced focus, and 50mg of caffeine—the equivalent of an espresso shot. These best delta-8 gummies are designed to boost your mental acuity and energize your day in the most delightful way, thanks to their delicious, natural blue raspberry flavor. Made with organic, vegan, and non-GMO ingredients, these gummies harness the calming properties of CBD and the brain-boosting power of sharp PS, creating a perfect synergy for sustained energy and laser-sharp focus. Elevate your daily routine with these tasty, focus-enhancing chews, and seize every day with vigor and clarity.

Lifters Yerba Maté Gummies

Lifters Yerba Maté Gummies are infused with a comprehensive blend of CBG, CBD, and 50 mg of Yerba Maté per gummy. They offer a distinctive formula aimed at delivering focused energy without stress. Lifters™ focuses on elevating your everyday life with the positive attributes of CBG and CBD. CBG enhances feelings of joy and motivation, while CBD ensures relaxation without any psychoactive impacts. Yerba Maté, loaded with amino acids, vitamins, and mateine, elevates your energy and concentration without any jitteriness. These gummies are an ideal pick-me-up, fostering a serene yet alert state, perfect for effectively navigating your day.

American Shaman’s Energy Gourmet Gummies

American Shaman’s Energy Gourmet Gummies are a harmonious blend of wellness and vitality. Each gummy is infused with high-quality full-spectrum CBD hemp oil, rich in naturally occurring terpenes and flavonoids. Enhanced with green tea extract, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12, these gummies are designed to give you a gentle yet effective energy boost. These gummies are also ideal for daily consumption. They provide relief from mild irritations, support mental wellness, and uplift your mood. With caffeine from green tea, enjoy a sustained energy uplift without the jitters commonly associated with coffee. CBD, known for its relaxation and wellness properties, adds to the gummies’ efficacy, potentially aiding in occasional sleep difficulties. Embrace a balanced approach to your day with these delicious gummies, lab-tested for guaranteed potency and purity.

OLLY Daily Energy Gummy

The OLLY Daily Energy Gummy is a tropical passion fruit delight designed to fuel your cellular energy. Infused with essential B12 for energy production and Goji Berry, a centuries-old superfood for steady energy flow, each gummy is a powerhouse of nourishment. These delightful gummies taste great and help you tackle your day with renewed energy, keeping you powered up without burnout. Perfect for daily rejuvenation, OLLY is your go-to for sustained energy and wellness.

Bulletproof Energy Gummies

Energize your day with Bulletproof Energy Gummies, a sugar-free solution for your daily energy needs. These gummies are packed with 100% of your daily vitamin B12 and CoQ10 values, working in synergy to enhance cellular energy production. Infused with Brain Octane Oil, they offer sustained energy, fueling both your brain and body. Delight in the tropical flavor while reaping the benefits of this potent blend. Bulletproof Energy Gummies are your ideal companion for maintaining healthy energy levels throughout the day, helping you stay focused, active, and energized. Perfect for on-the-go or as a daily boost!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, this article has provided a comprehensive overview of the top energy gummies available on the market. Each product offers unique benefits to meet diverse energy needs, from the holistic blend of BATCH Energy Gummies to the innovative combination found in Bulletproof Energy Gummies. Whether you’re an athlete seeking enhanced physical performance with power gummies or someone looking for a quick pick-me-up during a busy day, there’s a gummy for every lifestyle and requirement.

It’s evident that the selection of the right energy gummy depends on personal preferences and specific health goals. The standout choice, BATCH Energy Gummies, offers a balance of high-quality ingredients, efficiency, and enjoyable taste, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking to boost their energy levels in a natural and effective way.

As we embrace the fast-paced nature of our lives, the convenience and speed of these energy gummies make them a practical solution. Their fast-acting formula ensures you get the energy you need when you need it most, without the wait or digestive discomfort often associated with traditional energy drinks and coffee.

In summary, the best energy gummies of 2024 are not just about providing a quick energy burst; they represent a smarter, more health-conscious approach to staying energized and focused, tailor-made to fit into the dynamic rhythms of modern life.