Start a cybersecurity career with your WSU degree

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(Benjamin Zack | Weber State University) Students in a Computer Science class in the Computer & Automotive Engineering Building at Weber State University's Davis campus on April 22, 2021.

As our online connections increase, so does our vulnerability to cybersecurity threats. Scammers and hackers can steal your personal and financial information, as well as detrimentally impact our state, nation and way of life.

Matt Paulson, director of Weber State University’s Cybersecurity Initiative, said that simple steps matter when it comes to protecting your information.

“A lot of the problems we see are social media scammers who go and gather information on people from their posts,” Paulson said. “Be aware of what you’re sharing, why you’re sharing, and who you’re sharing it with.”

The Cybersecurity Initiative, housed in Weber State’s School of Computing, is northern Utah’s central resource for all things internet-safety related and supports students studying cybersecurity and network management for careers in cybersecurity.

(Benjamin Zack | Weber State University) Binary code decorates the halls of the Noorda Engineering, Applied Science & Technology Building at Weber State University.

Whether you already have a career in information technology and would like to increase your skills or you’re a recent high school graduate interested in defending against online threats, you can join WSU’s Cybersecurity & Network Management program.

The program offers associate and bachelor’s degrees, along with certificates in cybersecurity essentials, network security technology and network technologies. Salt Lake Community College students can earn their WSU degree in cybersecurity and network management directly from the Taylorsville Redwood Campus.

Once you’ve finished your undergraduate degree, you can go on to earn your Master of Science in Computer Science or Data Science at WSU.

“We teach Weber State students how to protect information on an enterprise level, so when they join the workforce, they can hit the ground running from day one,” Paulson said. “They’ll provide the sort of protection that companies need when managing their information.”

(Benjamin Zack | Weber State University) The Computer & Automotive Engineering Building at Weber State University Davis.

In 2021, WSU was recognized as a Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education, a program sponsored by the National Security Agency. In addition, WSU has partnerships with the local defense and aerospace community, including Hill Air Force Base, Boeing, BAE Systems, Northrop Grumman and Raytheon.

“It doesn’t matter where you are on your cybersecurity journey,” Paulson said. “Weber State can help out with that.”

Ashley Light, a 2019 network management technology graduate, said her education prepared her for the challenges faced in the information security industry.

“The cybersecurity concepts I learned at Weber State have been invaluable,” she said. “I will continue to use this knowledge for the rest of my life both in and out of the workplace.”

For more information on academic programs, visit bit.ly/WeberCyber.