PMI Foods Announces the Passing of Dr. Juel A. Parker, Co-Founder of Parker International

Sponsored: We will forever honor Dr. Juel A. Parker’s contributions to the company’s growth and success.

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Salt Lake City, Utah; January 31, 2024 – Parker Migliorini International (PMI Foods) deeply regrets to announce the passing of Dr. Juel A. Parker, one of the esteemed founders of Parker International, which later evolved into PMI Foods. Dr. Parker’s lifelong dedication to his profession, his agricultural roots, and his unwavering commitment to integrity leaves an indelible mark on our organization.

Born on December 11, 1926, and raised on a cow calf operation in Joseph, Utah, alongside his ten brothers and sisters, Juel Parker developed an enduring love for farming and the values of hard work and dedication that would serve as a foundation for his future endeavors. His childhood experiences on the farm instilled in him a deep appreciation for the land and the importance of family values.

Dr. Parker’s educational journey was marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence. Following his services in the U.S. Navy, he initially pursued a career in dentistry. However, his thirst for knowledge and a desire to make a meaningful impact led him to further his education at the renowned Mayo Clinic, where he obtained his doctorate in maxillofacial surgery.

As an oral surgeon, Dr. Parker found fulfillment in positively impacting the lives of thousands of patients. His precision and dedication in the operating room earned him the respect of his peers and gratitude from those he served. Simultaneously, he ventured into real estate investment, displaying a knack for successful entrepreneurship.

(PMI Foods) The late Dr. Juel A. Parker (left), Darin Parker the President of PMI Foods and the late Dr. George “Sam” Parker (right) pictured together.

A proud veteran of the U.S. Navy, Dr. Parker’s service to his country was a testament to his dedication to duty and honor. He brought the same level of commitment and integrity to his civilian life, becoming not only a successful businessman but also a loving father to his six children.

In the words of a classic American film, “The Tall Men,” we are reminded of Dr. Juel A. Parker’s life changing impact on those around him: “There goes the only man I ever respected. He is what every boy thinks he is going to be when he grows up and wishes he had been when he’s an old man.”

Dr. Parker was indeed a John Wayne-like figure, a man who lived by his principles of fairness, integrity, and goodness. Throughout his service to Parker International and PMI Foods, he imparted the importance of these core values through example and tutelage, fostering a company culture centered on service and excellence.

PMI Foods will forever honor Dr. Juel A. Parker’s contributions to the company’s growth and success. His legacy will continue to inspire all who had the privilege of working alongside him.

Dr. Juel A. Parker’s commitment to excellence, love for family, and dedication to service, both in the Navy and as a civilian, will forever remain etched in the soul of PMI Foods for generations to come.

Dr. Parker was predeceased by wife, Darlene Openshaw Parker; his parents, Harold and Gladys Parker; and nine of his ten siblings: Geraldine (Pete), Jackie, Robert (Hal), Bonnie, Colleen, Peggy, Sally, George Rex (Sam), and Gordon (Chesley). He is survived by his 6 children: Brent (Julie) Parker, Karen (Steve) Thomas, Lisa Parker (Irwin Simon), Brian (Lindee) Parker, Bruce (Renee) Parker, Julie Parker (Joe) Weisiger; and 22 grandchildren and 33 great-grandchildren; and his sister Patsy.

Darin Parker is the President of PMI Foods, headquartered in Salt Lake City. Darin and his wife, Rachelle, have 5 daughters and reside in Utah.

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