Epic Brewing: Big Bad Baptist 2023 lineup

Sponsored: Epic Brewing is launching this year’s Big Bad Baptist line and it’s full of flavors you won’t want to miss!

(Epic Brewing, sponsored) 2023 Big Baptist Line Up.

When the cofounders of Epic Brewing decided to take their hobby and turn it into a business, they knew that Utah’s unique liquor laws would make their endeavor challenging. However, they refused to let that stop them and they started brewing true-to-style beers. Because their brews were over 4% ABV, they were only allowed to sell their creations at their brewery and a few local liquor stores. This meant that they focused on small batch brewing. Laws in Utah have since been amended to allow more flexibility, but Epic Brewing’s focus has remained unwavering; they focus on hand-crafting small-batch beers both true-to-style and experimental in nature.

(Epic Brewing, sponsored) Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt Beer.

Small batch brewing might sound like a lot of extra work, but it actually allows the Epic Brewing team to be endlessly creative. They can test their recipe and flavor combinations more frequently, which results in fine-tuned and flavorful brews.

Unlike most breweries, Epic Brewing is known for their dark beers. The first beer that won them an award was the 825 State Stout, named after their brewery address. The Big Bad Baptist beers are all based on the original Big Bad Baptist stout, which continues to be recognized as one of the finest barrel-aged imperial stouts in the world. The base for Big Bad Baptist is a whiskey barrel-aged Imperial Stout that is infused with cacao nibs and local coffee. All of the other flavors in the lineup start with that base and the team adds different high quality ingredients to create new combinations.

(Epic Brewing, sponsored) S'Mores Beer.

When asked which flavor from this year’s Big Bad Baptist line he was the most excited about, Gus Erickson, Epic Brewing’s Marketing Manager, he said, “Oh boy, it’s impossible to pick one!” You might have a hard time picking your favorite too since each of the six new flavors are delicious in their own unique way. Here’s a taste of what you can expect to enjoy when trying the 2023 Big Bad Baptist flavors.

Starting with a perfected classic, the first new beer in the lineup is Brew Master’s Keep. This beer was tinkered with and obsessed over for 12 months before it was deemed perfect enough to be bottled. This brew sets the highest gravity beer record for Epic Brewing and will wow your taste buds with its craftsmanship. The other classic in the mix this year is the Naked Baptist. It’s the Big Bad Baptist flavor in its purest form, with no competing ingredients, just pure unadulterated stout.

(Epic Brewing, sponsored) Blueberry Pie Beer.

Pivoting into more creative and exotic territory are the Blueberry Pie, Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt, and S’mores flavors. Each of these flavors are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth! The Blueberry Pie was brewed with nutmeg and aged in whiskey barrels. It might even be tastier than Grandma’s homemade pie! The Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt will make you think you’re drinking a beer made in Willy Wonka’s factory. It’s an unbeatable flavor combination. The S’mores will catapult right back into childhood. It’s nostalgic, classic, and utterly unique, all at once.

(Epic Brewing, sponsored) Brewers Keep Beer.

The last flavor in the 2023 lineup is Coquito. Named after the traditional Puerto Rican holiday cocktail, this beer tastes like island living and holiday traditions all at once. Instead of being aged in bourbon barrels, this beer was 100% aged in rum barrels and is flavored with coconut, cinnamon, and vanilla extract. Forget eggnog, there’s a new star holiday drink in town!

(Epic Brewing, sponsored) Naked Baptist Beer.

Each beer and brew that comes from Epic Brewing is carefully crafted by a team with over a decade of experience. The flavors are complex and layered, and you can tell they are made with passion and diligence. The Big Bad Baptist line is the crowning achievement of a year’s worth of experimenting and perfecting, and you don’t want to miss out on tasting everything they have to offer. You can currently buy their 22oz bomber-style bottles at the brewery and local liquor stores. This will also be the first year that they are offering 16oz cans, which are only available at the brewery. You can visit them at 825 S State Street; they are open seven days a week and while you’re picking up your Big Bad Baptists, you can also taste over 50 other Epic beers at the Tapless Taproom Bar.

(Epic Brewing, sponsored) Coquito Beer.