Utah EZ Pay honors iconic Utah Mountains: introducing Mount Olympus and Mount Timpanogos processing rates

Sponsored: Utah EZ Pay, is a service that empowers Utah businesses with payment solutions inspired by Utah’s mountains, potentially saving up to 90%+ on credit card processing fees. They are dedicated to empowering Utah’s business community with hassle-free card payment acceptance, offering innovative solutions for businesses in-store, online, over the phone, remotely, or on the go.

(Utah EZ Pay, sponsored) Utah EZ Pay honors iconic Utah Mountains: introducing Mount Olympus and Mount Timpanogos processing rates.

Utah’s breathtaking peaks, Mount Olympus and Mount Timpanogos, stand as symbols of endurance and majesty. In a fusion of natural wonder and business ingenuity, Utah EZ Pay honors these iconic landmarks by naming its business friendly credit card payment processing rates after them.

Utah EZ Pay is a Complete System

In the scenic landscape of Utah, enter Utah EZ Pay, the innovative creation from entrepreneur Greg G. Kapitan, who has channeled the strength of these mountains into part of his robust credit card processing system.

Right off the bat, let’s talk rates! The Mt. Olympus Rate stands tall, much like its namesake, at a competitive 0.35%. It’s been a stalwart in credit card processing for 15 years.

On the flip side, the Mt.Timpanogos Rate, inspired by the majestic peak between Salt Lake and Utah Counties, introduces a dazzling 0% Dual Pricing Rate, capturing the mountain’s grandeur and the modern-day financial evolution.

Utah EZ Pay isn’t just about rates, dig deeper, and you’ll find a complete business ecosystem, tailored to empower small to medium size businesses in Utah with every card payment made from storefronts to mobile vendor locations.

Whether you’re making sales in-store, online, over the phone, or in the middle of nowhere, they’ve got you covered. Their state-of-the-art Point of Sale Systems (POS) and complimentary smart terminals are designed to make transactions a breeze.

And guess what? They even send over a friendly representative to your business doorstep, ensuring that everything is set up perfectly and providing support whenever you need it.

Scaling Financial Peaks with Utah EZ Pay

In essence, with a platform boasting over 100 web pages, all dedicated to uplifting Utah businesses, Greg Kapitan’s decade-long passion for merchant services has materialized into a robust solution for your business payment processing needs. To find out how Utah EZ Pay can help your business, call or text Greg Kapitan directly at 801-205-1955.

However, Utah EZ Pay’s most striking feature, apart from its mountain-inspired rates, might be its commitment to transparency and savings. With their service, businesses can unlock up to 90%+ savings on credit card processing fees.

Delve into the numbers, and the scale of this opportunity becomes clear. For instance, using the Mt Olympus rate plan at 0.35%, a business processing $10,000 in monthly credit card transactions could potentially save $130 each month. That translates to a yearly saving of $1,560, and an impressive $7,800 over five years. Such numbers are not just digits but represent dreams, growth, and potential expansions.

Carving a New Business Standard Amidst Utah’s Majestic Landscape

Utah EZ Pay is also proud to utilize North American Bancard (NAB) as a key payment processor, a trusted solution for over 350,000 businesses that handles transactions worth over $45 billion annually.

What further sets Utah EZ Pay apart is its dedication to the business community. As the only Gephardt Approved merchant service provider in Salt Lake Valley, they ensure businesses enjoy not only robust solutions but also peace of mind.

As Mount Olympus and Mount Timpanogos have etched their beauty into Utah’s skyline, Utah EZ Pay aims to embed itself into the very fabric of Utah’s business landscape. With savings, state-of-the-art technology, and a deep respect for Utah’s entrepreneurial spirit.

For a deeper look into this unique merger of payments and savings, or to explore the vast offerings of Utah EZ Pay, call or text Greg Kapitan directly at 801-205-1955.

With the strength and beauty of Utah’s mountains backing their promise, Utah EZ Pay is setting a new business standard in the state.

Businesses can enjoy 90%+ savings on credit card processing fees with Utah EZ Pay’s $1,000 guarantee. *Unless your business already uses a similar dual pricing or cash discount program, we wish you continued success!

Utah EZ Pay ensures businesses stand tall, well-equipped, and ready to conquer any challenge. Let’s scale those financial heights together!

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(Utah EZ Pay, sponsored) Greg G. Kapitan at your service!