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If you are a student, you know how important it is to meet deadlines and submit all your writing assignments on time. Students may lose scores and evoke dissatisfaction in their professors when they are late.

However, meeting deadlines can face different issues. The lack of time is one of them, especially when it is an examination session, and you have a lot to learn and do to cope with your final tests successfully. A load of writing assignments is huge these days because every academic program implies learning a variety of subjects and doing research work, lab experiments, writing essays and reports, and creating term papers.

You cannot skip any subject, even if you are not too much interested in it. That can lead to procrastination when you think you have a lot of time to do something you do not find important. At the last moment, you may find yourself stressed and depressed because you do not know what to write about and do not have time for more research. Or you may have forgotten about the task due and need to submit it right now.

It seems you need urgent help, but if you ask a professional essay writer to create a paper for you, you may pay a lot for such an emergency and not get satisfactory results anyway. So, we have decided to help you and represent a great paper-generating platform that works on the basis of Artificial Intelligence. It is PaperTyper.net, and we will tell you more about Essay Typer and other cutting-edge tools that will create a quick, high-quality draft for your paper within seconds.

Generate Your Essay in Several Clicks

Why is PaperTyper so appealing to students? It really is, as their reviews on independent platforms testify. Customer satisfaction rates are generally from 4.5 to 5.0 on different customer review sites. Students say in their reviews that these instruments are truly life-saving and the website is easy to navigate. In addition, it is fast and free. Most of them have been using the platform for a long time, someone even until the end of their academic programs.

So, what is the reason for such appreciation? The AI-powered tools are. The platform has been on the market for about a decade, so it has provided a lot of help and support to thousands of users. Its cutting-edge tools are the main factor that builds up trust and appreciation. They are essay typer (or essay topic generator), plagiarism checker, grammar checker, essay editor, and citation generator. All the AI tools are in one set and in one place, so you can use them freely whenever you want.

Essay Typer is the basis for your paper writing process. It has been recently renewed and modified, so now it can create high-quality papers on even the most complicated topics and rare subjects. You can create drafts for all academic papers - presentations, term papers, different home assignments, and academic writing, like admission essays or theses and dissertations. You can also edit and proofread your draft to obtain a high-quality paper here.

We have tested Essay Typer to see how it works, and the results are amazing. You just enter the topic or subject in a special tab and press ‘Start Writing.’ You can see the ready text in the field in a few seconds. Now, you can correct your essay using the editor or activate spelling and grammar checking by double tapping on any word. You will see red and blue underlining - red for spelling mistakes and blue for grammar and lexical errors. You will get the variants of correction and explanations of why you need this variant instead of the previous one. You can also check your draft for plagiarism here by clicking on the button under the text. After all the processes are completed, you can copy and save your draft if you are pleased with it.

We also used an extended version of this tool. You can access it through the ‘Sign in’ button or try it after the regular version cannot generate a complex topic. This version is even better. It can work even on the most difficult topics. So you will have a sample for your future paper for sure.

Plagiarism Checker is an efficient tool for the advanced evaluation of your content. This software will compare your content with other online materials to see the duplicates. You will get a report with an exact percentage of plagiarized sentences or passages to be corrected or cited properly. You can also check the doubtful passages through the links provided by the program.

Using all the instruments, including Essay Typer and Plagiarism Checker, is convenient. If you need to check your paper, upload your text file or copy-paste it into a special field and press ‘Check.’ In a few seconds, you will see a complete report that allows you to edit the text regarding all the suggestions.

You can feel safe after generating and checking your paper with Essay Typer and other tools since AI will work on it. There will not be any mistakes or plagiarism there, and all your work will contain the latest research results and relevant ideas.

Indisputable Benefits

Using this AI writing platform provides a lot of benefits. Essay Typer and supporting instruments are free and are one of the most pleasant things. The latest technologies will allow you to generate a high-quality paper to ease your academic burden. Among the most prominent benefits most students reported in their reviews are the following:

  1. You will not have to pay a cent. You will get professional paper drafts on any topic for free. As a student, you understand how essential it is in many cases.

  2. The site is available 24/7, and it is quite convenient. You may be in any corner of the world or want to use the platform at any time of the day, and it is entirely accessible.

  3. AI-based tools can generate relevant results with a lot of the newest sources, fresh ideas, and well-structured arguments. The software also knows how to detect plagiarism and eliminate grammar and spelling mistakes. You will not have to do much work on your own because the draft you get may serve you as a complete paper ready to submit.

  4. Use the instruments conveniently as many times as you need them. You do not have limits for the number of sessions if you need to add something, re-check the draft, or restructure it.

  5. No software here is downloadable. It saves a lot of space on your disc. You can work online and obtain all the results online, too. Moreover, you do not need much time to install anything on your computer and understand how to work with the programs. The tools are AI-powered, so they will do everything for you.

  6. You do not have to search checkers and citation generators on different sites - everything is here in one set. You can improve any aspect of your paper with just several clicks.

  7. Using the platform is safe and confidential. No third parties have access to the instruments or your activity on the site. The programs do not preserve your personal information. There will not be any digital footprint on the platform as soon as you leave it.

In their reviews, students express a lot of gratitude to the platform’s developers because they consider the site a great helper. They report increasing their academic scores and saving research hours for something more interesting.

Final Thoughts

We can recommend PaperTyper.net to all students who want to save time and effort or need to do that because of unpredictable circumstances. Yes, it is a great AI helper and a life-saver to many.

The platform has a simple interface, and it is easy to use, fast and provides all the services via clear and transparent policies. It is free, and it adds a lot to its appeal.