Silver IRA rollover companies 2023: reviews, comparison, cees

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Due to the country’s current economic situation, you may find it hard to save your investment from devaluing. This new idea is a game-changer if you have an existing IRA account.

Suppose you’re ready to move on from your low-performing traditional IRAs — it’s time to execute a silver IRA rollover. This guide explains the entire process, clears any misconceptions, and highlights the top 4 companies you could work with!

Top 4 Silver IRA Rollover Companies At A Glance

#1 Augusta Precious Metals: Best Silver IRA Company Overall

(AMERICAN HARTFORD GOLD) | A+ BBB Rating • Buy Back Commitment • Solid selection of Gold and Silver bullion • Steller Customer Service.

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The first silver IRA provider on this list is Augusta Precious Metals. The firm has been around since 2012 and provides exceptional client services. Many people choose Augusta when opening a precious metals IRA account because it can make silver IRA rollovers easier.

The advantages of Augusta’s services are hard to miss. The firm made it to the top of the list because of the consistency of its services. Furthermore, it assists its clients whenever they may require it.

Augusta Precious Metals assists its customers in diversifying their investment portfolios, which gives them further control of their finances.

The one thing that stood out while researching silver IRA providers was the variety of physical precious metals they offered. Augusta Precious Metals allows you to add metals such as gold and silver into your self-directed IRA. Coins and bars are available, while the firm works with top-ranking depositories to ensure your metals are kept safe!

The firm is committed to providing complete transparency to its clients. All of Augusta’s services do not contain any markups or hidden fees. That means they tell you the final price — no dodgy work!

If clients have existing precious metal IRAs, the firm makes it easy for them to transition to silver IRAs. Augusta helps you determine the right size of your investment and the right metals to help you diversify your savings. Its top-quality services ensure your savings are handled well by the company!

Augusta Precious Metals ensures its clients are treated fairly, helping them build long-term relationships. It employs financial experts to help plan your investments.

An IRA custodian provides educational content that will help you navigate IRAs. Countless positive reviews testify to the services offered by this firm.

If you’re considering this firm, you will be pleased to know that it received an A+ score from the Better Business Bureau. It also has countless reviews on Trustpilot.


  • The firm provides a large selection of investments, such as gold, silver, and platinum.

  • Simplifies the procedure of creating an account with its staff available to handle all queries

  • Financial advisors are available to guide you through the investment process

  • Educational content is available on their website about silver IRAs and precious metals

  • No complaints on any of the review websites

  • Its services are accessible due to the availability of depositories across the country.

  • May offer fee waivers to some accounts (can be redeemed in silver coins)

  • A+ grade from the Better Business Bureau


  • It requires a minimal investment of $50,000 to open an account

  • Their website lacks information about their services

  • Bullion options are limited, with coins only available in gold or silver

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#2 Goldco - Runner up - Great Prices and Customer Service

(Goldco) | Great Minimal Prices.

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Don’t let the name deceive you — Goldco is one of the most well-known companies that offer silver IRAs and other precious metals in the industry! The organization specializes in simplifying complex processes to safeguard your precious metal assets.

If you’re looking for a firm that will enable you to diversify your portfolio with a gold or silver IRA, you should consider Goldco. The firm allows you to open a silver IRA and spread your investment risk easily. With minimal paperwork, Goldco ensures your account creation process goes smoothly.

If you have an existing precious metal IRA, Goldco is the perfect firm to help you conduct a silver IRA rollover. While many assume the process is complicated, Goldco’s team guarantees you will not encounter difficulties.

To ensure your investment is efficient, you must consult an experienced individual to guide you. Goldco hires financial advisors to help you plan your investment portfolio that suits your financial situation. The firm provides the information and skills you need to make a profitable investment.

Goldco assists you in selecting the best custodian for your requirements. The custodian facilitates your investments while Goldco guides you along the way. IRAs are heavily regulated investments and are subject to taxes. Goldco ensures all your investments comply with IRS regulations.

If you’re a beginner to silver IRAs, Goldco will guide you in the right direction with its detailed beginners’ guide. It introduces you to precious metal investments and the necessary information to help you begin your silver IRA.

Given its minimal costs, it is no surprise that this business is among the most sought-after on this list of the best silver IRA providers. The Better Business Bureau has given it an A+ rating for its services. It also has positive feedback on Trustpilot and other independent review sites.

Investors interested in silver IRAs should have an easy way to get started. If you choose Goldco, you could have a worry-free investment that supports your retirement!


  • Easy to create an account with customer service always available to help

  • Simple to execute a silver IRA rollover, fast-tracking your silver investments

  • It is one of the most economical options in the industry, with minimal annual fees

  • Offers fee waivers in many cases

  • Depositories are available across the country to increase accessibility

  • Quick shipping to depository with insured purchases

  • Educational material to help you learn more about silver IRAs

  • A+ by the Better Business Bureau

  • A near five-star rating on Trustpilot by countless reviewers


  • A minimal investment of $50,000 is required to create an account

  • Platinum and palladium are not offered

  • Operations are limited to the United States

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#3 American Hartford Gold: Top Choice For Beginners


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American Hartford Gold is a privately held investment firm founded in 2015. The firm’s principal purpose is to assist its clients in obtaining diverse assets. They provide precious metals, including silver, platinum, and gold.

The firm allows its clients to open a self-directed IRA to invest in precious metals. This will enable them to claim numerous tax benefits while increasing their investment portfolio. IRAs allow you to take advantage of deferred tax payments, helping you increase the value of your investment.

While many look towards traditional gold IRAs and other investments to save for retirement, it may not be enough in today’s economy. Social Security benefits are limited and do not provide enough for a safe retirement. American Hartford solves this by diversifying your investment in numerous precious metals.

While the business is not the most popular on this list, it is well-known for its selection of precious metals! American Hartford provides silver, gold, and platinum. The metals are sourced from Canada, Australia, and South Africa.

The firm works with financial experts who provide tailored solutions to its customers. Its clients know the advice they receive is suitable for their long-term goals. If you’re ever in doubt about your investment, American Hartford’s staff is always available to clear the air.

One key benefit of investing with this firm is that it offers free insurance on all purchases. You do not need to worry about the safety of your investment. All of your orders are insured till they make it to the depository.

With plenty of fee waivers, the firm is the perfect choice for investors looking for an economic IRA provider. Its fees are not fixed, and you can strike a better deal depending on your financial situation.

With an A+ grade from the Better Business Bureau, the firm’s services are guaranteed to be up to your mark. The firm is also endorsed by famous players in the financial market, making it highly trustworthy.

If you’re looking for a firm that has the lowest fees without compromising its quality, American Hartford might be the right choice for you!


  • One of the best silver IRA providers

  • It helps you open self-directed IRA accounts that can hold silver, gold, and platinum

  • All of your silver orders are insured till they reach the depository

  • All silver orders receive free delivery to the depository

  • An economical choice for silver investors who may benefit from fee waivers

  • Financial advisors are available round-the-clock to handle your queries

  • Provides tailored solutions depending on your financial situation

  • Depositories are available across the US, making their services more accessible

  • Endorsed by major financial personalities, including Rudy Guiliani

  • A+ from the Better Business Bureau

  • Near five-star reviews on Trustpilot


  • Coins are only available in silver or gold

  • The website is a little vague and will require you to contact their representatives for more information

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#4 Birch Gold: Great Minimal Prices

(Birch Gold Group) | Top Choice For Beginners.

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The Birch Gold Group is a well-known self-directed silver IRA provider that has been around for over 17 years. The firm is the most experienced silver IRA provider on this list, and based on their offers, it wouldn’t be surprising why they deserve to be with the top players.

With years of experience, the company is more than ready to handle your investment portfolios. It has made it incredibly simple for individuals to invest in silver IRAs.

The firm ensures its customers can handle the effort to create a silver IRA account. A streamlined account creation process ensures you can start investing in no time!

The firm provides plenty of educational material to help you become more familiar with investing in silver IRAs. The content enables you to familiarize yourself with the technical jargon of investing in a silver IRA. It also explains the fees and tax benefits you can claim by investing in silver and gold coins.

Its services are not only limited to newcomers! This is the right firm for you if you want to conduct a silver IRA rollover to move away from your traditional IRA. It helps you pick the right custodian to help you make the switch effortlessly.

Birch Gold allows you to open a self-directed IRA and invest in a wide range of precious metals. It offers gold, silver, and palladium at market rates with minimal markups.

If you’re worried about the liquidity of your assets, don’t be! Birch offers a buy-back guarantee on all purchases, ensuring you can easily convert your metals into cash. Its staff also helps you manage your risk while diversifying your portfolio.

Birch Gold Group has countless reviews on independent websites. The firm holds a near five-star rating on Trustpilot. Its services have also gained an A+ grade from the Better Business Bureau. It is tough to find flaws in the company, which is why it is one of the silver IRA providers you should consider.


  • The most experienced silver IRA provider on my list

  • A minimal investment of $10,000 is required to create an account

  • Its website offers educational content to help you familiarize yourself with silver IRAs

  • Offers silver, gold, and palladium

  • Experienced staff that help you with complicated procedures, including account creation

  • Simple to initiate a silver IRA rollover with the company handling most of the paperwork

  • Partners with depositories across the country for more accessibility

  • Minimal markup helps keep its spread negligible

  • Financial advisors are available to help you plan and maintain your investment

  • Exceptional customer service that is always available to handle your questions

  • Endorsed by Ben Shapiro and Ron Paul


  • The website needs more details; you will need to contact the firm’s representatives for specifics

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Benefits of Silver IRAs

If you’re invested in a traditional IRA or a 401(K), it may be challenging to understand the benefits of a silver IRA. Many people who have just discovered the investment find it hard to comprehend its ability to counter inflation.

Because of the current economic situation, many investors are looking for alternative investments. Silver IRAs may be the right choice for them.

Many people argue that the price of silver is volatile. While no investment offers a guaranteed upward trajectory, silver’s price is less volatile than the stock market.

Another significant benefit of investing in silver is its ability to be economical. Silver providers do not charge large premiums, helping you save on fees. This is why the metal is highly favorable to people who want to protect themselves from devaluation.

Why Invest in Silver IRAs?

Should you consider adding silver to your investment portfolio? Investing in silver IRAs has a lot of benefits, and you need to be fully aware of them! The next section of this guide discusses some of the many benefits of investing in silver.

Silver is more than just a sought-after investment asset. Industries value metal since it is a key component of their goods. A massive increase in silver demand is anticipated in the coming months because of the present supply issue.

Throughout the globe, silver is used for various purposes. It is an essential component of energy generation in power plants and solar panels. The metal is used in water treatment plants to filter water supplies across towns.

Silver is used to making semiconductors and batteries, both in short supply. This is due in part to the scarcity of silver.

In the coming months, silver production isn’t likely to be able to keep up with the growing demand. Silver’s price will almost certainly rise as a result of the scarcity. As a result, it is an excellent moment to invest in precious metals.

Global Demand

Did you know that the worldwide demand for silver will increase as the years pass? In 2021, demand for silver reached a staggering 1.05 billion ounces, and the rate of this increase hasn’t slowed. The estimated global demand for the precious metal is 1.112 billion ounces, a record high.

Aside from industry, the metal has many purposes. It is one of the most common metals used to make jewelry. The metal is readily shaped into complex forms and needs little maintenance.

Apart from its commercial use, silver is an excellent investment. It is available in actual bullion & silver coins.

In ancient times, silver was used as a form of currency. In modern times, however, the metal is kept as an investment due to its scarcity.

Silver is also an essential component of cutlery across homes in the country. It is used in fancy silverware cutlery and decoration pieces. These items are usually high-value items that drive the demand for silver.

With the demand for the metal increasing by 36% in 2021, all signs point to silver appreciating by the end of 2023.

Hedge Against Depreciation

While the value of your currency is subjected to fluctuations in the market, silver works differently. Silver acts as a hedge against depreciation. After the pandemic, with inflation hitting record levels, precious metals like silver have seen an exponential rise in their value.

You may be surprised to learn that silver is inversely correlated to the dollar! Silver prices stay relatively stable compared to inflation, while the dollar tends to fluctuate. This is why it is considered an ideal long-term strategy to protect you from devaluation.

The value of currency regulates the value of silver. People tend to resort to silver when the dollar value falls to protect them against inflation. This increase in demand causes the price of silver to rise; hence it is the perfect hedge against inflation.

What is a Silver IRA Rollover?

A silver IRA rollover is the best way to start if you’re interested in silver. This process moves the value of your traditional IRA to your new silver IRA account.

People invested in an existing employer retirement fund often struggle to make their portfolios profitable. Moving your funds away and transitioning to a silver IRA may be the best choice for them. If you are someone who wants to move their investment away, you can send some or all of your assets to your silver IRA.

To initiate a silver IRA rollover, you need to speak to your custodian, who will guide you through the process. Typically, you will be asked to fill out a transfer request form.

Once your transfer is processed, your funds will move from the traditional to the silver IRA without incurring any financial penalties.

Understanding What a Silver IRA Rollover Entails

A silver IRA is your gateway to an alternative investment. Many people may have told you about silver’s ability to hedge inflation, but you have probably doubted their claims.

Conducting a silver IRA rollover is a straightforward process. You fill out a form, submit it to your custodian, and the funds transfer seamlessly. The possibility of incurring a fine is minimal because you don’t claim ownership of your metals during the process.

Which Accounts Can Be Rolled Over to a Silver IRA?

Are you willing to start the process of rolling over your traditional IRA? Not all investment accounts can be transferred to silver IRAs. While the rollover is a great way to transition from your poor-performing assets, you need to know which ones are eligible for a silver IRA rollover.

Here is the list of accounts that can be rolled over to a silver IRA.

  • Traditional IRA

  • Roth IRA


  • Simple IRA

  • 401(K)

  • 403(b)

  • 457 Deferred Compensation Plan

  • Pension

  • Thrift Saving Plan


  • Non-prototype IRA

  • Beneficiary IRA

A “Hassle-Free” Silver IRA Rollover

To start your silver IRA rollover, you have two options. The first is a direct transfer, a hassle-free way to start investing in silver. In this process, your custodian deals directly with the silver IRA provider. The custodian writes a check, and your funds seamlessly transfer into your new account.

An indirect transfer is another process for a silver IRA rollover. The custodian issues the check in your name, and your responsibility is to deposit it in your new IRA. Because of IRS regulations, you risk a fine if the check isn’t deposited within 60 days.

Final Thoughts – Silver IRA Rollover

Silver is a worthy addition to your investment portfolio. The precious metal is great for investors who want to meet their long-term financial goals and settle comfortably during retirement. Even with the volatility in today’s markets, the value of silver has increased exponentially.

When you’re ready to invest in silver, you must create a self-directed IRA account. It would be best to thoroughly research your potential IRA providers before creating an account. You wouldn’t want your journey to start with the wrong company!

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You will need to conduct a silver IRA rollover to fund your IRA. While the process may seem tricky, the right IRA provider will help simplify the procedure.

Don’t worry if you haven’t found a silver IRA provider yet! After thorough research, you should look into investing with Augusta Precious Metals. The firm enables its clients to invest in precious metals by making it incredibly simple to create a self-directed IRA account.

When executing a silver IRA rollover, Augusta has financial experts always available to guide you. The firm is renowned for its customer service, with the company going out of its way to ensure you receive the support you need.

Its educational resources also provide a vast array of knowledge, which is excellent for beginners who want to learn more about silver IRAs. With the level of their services, you’ll have a great time working with them!