32 best body washes for men

Sponsored: The 32 best body washes for men that we’ve listed are creamy and luxurious, and many of them have aromas that will leave you wanting to stay in the shower all day long.

The right body wash can upgrade your shower experience from meh to ahhhh. You know you’ve found a good cleanser when it makes your skin feel clean, fresh, and soft (never dry) day after day.

Fortunately, gone are the days of subsisting on bar soap that can dry out skin, stripping it of its natural oils. The 32 best body washes for men that we’ve listed below are creamy and luxurious, and many of them have aromas that will leave you wanting to stay in the shower all day long. Don’t though—you’ll want to show off your smooth and clean skin to the world.

1. Blu Atlas | Body Wash

(Blu Atlas) | Body Wash.

Ranked #1 by Men’s Journal, Forbes, and Observer, you can’t beat the luxurious feel of this all-natural body wash by Blu Atlas. It’s thoughtfully made with nourishing ingredients that both cleanse and moisturize the skin. Antioxidant-rich green tea extract reduces inflammation inside and out, aloe barbadensis naturally moisturizes, and coco-caprylate softens and soothes the skin.

We love that this body wash is so naturally effective—along with all of Blu Atlas’ products, it is entirely free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates that can be harmful to the skin and your health. Enjoy its cleansing and softening power, knowing you’re doing your body a favor.

An added bonus: Blu Atlas is offering a 30-day money-back guarantee on this premium body wash, in addition to the other products in its award-winning skincare line. Now that’s what we call a deal!

2. Kiehl’s | “Made for All” Gentle Body Wash

(Kiehl's) | “Made for All” Gentle Body Wash

Looking for a gentle cleanser that your whole family can use? Kiehl’s “Made for All” Gentle Body Wash is indeed “made for all”—it’s safe for all skin types and all people ages three and up. Tested by dermatologists, pediatricians, and ophthalmologists to ensure tolerance and safety, this body wash won’t irritate even the gentlest skin. It gets bonus points for being eco-friendly, formulated to be 100% biodegradable, and packaged in a 100% post-consumer recycled bottle.

Cleanse with a conscience knowing that you’re washing up with a product that’s good for your skin and the environment at the same time.

3. Outlaw | The Gambler Body Wash

Amazon |Outlaw, The Gambler Body Wash

Your luck won’t run out with this bourbon-inspired natural body wash by Outlaw. Its intoxicating scent, with hints of bourbon, old-fashioned tobacco, and leather, will give you the confidence of a winning hand of cards. We love that this and all of Outlaw brand’s products go beyond just making you smell and feel great—the company is committed to making its products in the USA and is certified cruelty-fee.

It uses ethical ingredients and sustainable packaging and is an upstanding employer that makes consistent charitable contributions. That’s a gamble we’ll take.

4. Manscaped | The Crop Cleanser

(Manscaped) | The Crop Cleanser

While we tend towards skepticism at those “all-in-one” hair and body washes, Manscaped gets this double-duty wash right. This multi-tasking formula cleanses and hydrates at once, softening and moisturizing skin with natural hydrators like aloe vera and sea salt. It was created for men with active lifestyles, to clear up every bit of sweat and oil without drying out the skin. On the contrary, this product leaves your skin feeling supple and invigorated, with a “legendary” scent that reviewers can’t get enough of. It’s the perfect wash to pop in your gym bag for cleansing after even the most drench-inducing workouts. The Manscaped cleanser is cruelty-free, dye-free, paraben-free, and vegan—a no-brainer inclusion in this list of the best body washes for men.

5. Being Naturals | Tea Tree Body Wash

(Being Naturals) | Tea Tree Body Wash

Being Naturals’ Tea Tree Body Wash isn’t that same tea tree oil solution you remember from your hippie aunt’s bathroom cabinet. This versatile shower gel harnesses the power of tea tree oil to fight body odor, acne, athlete’s foot, jock itch, dandruff, eczema, and yeast infection, while also soothing and moisturizing dry skin.

It boosts skin’s natural collagen production to increase skin cell longevity and reduce signs of aging. This one also does double duty as a face wash, and is one of the best cleansers we’ve found for getting rid of acne and blemishes.

You get all of that deep cleansing power in a product that is free of parabens, petroleum, sulfate, silicone, and synthetic fragrances and is entirely cruelty-free.

6. Jack Black | Black Reserve Body & Hair Cleanser

(Amazon) | Jack Black, Black Reserve Body & Hair Cleanser

For a luxurious, confidence-boosting shower experience, pick up Jack Black Reserve. The sleek black bottle alone will have you feeling like the cream of the crop. One user says the woodsy scent makes him feel like he’s “better than everybody else.” And with healthy and moisturizing ingredients like jojoba protein, provitamin B5, and shea butter, your skin just may be better than the rest. You’ll walk out of the shower with a swagger and a sense of ease, thanks to relaxing natural scents of lavender, bergamot, coriander, and patchouli.

7. L’Occitane | L’Occitan Shower Gel

(Amazon) | L’Occitane, L’Occitan Shower Gel

Step into the lavender fields of Provence the moment you step into your shower. Inhale a fresh lavender and peppery nutmeg aroma, and exhale worries of dry skin. With a commitment to sustainable practices, l’Occitane creates great-smelling, moisture-enhancing products that are 95% readily biodegradable. The gel is smooth and skin-softening, and we can’t get enough of the delicious scent. Provence vacation, anyone?

8. 18.21 Man Made | 3-in-1 Body Wash

(18.21 Man Made) | 3-in-1 Body Wash

Talk about multi-tasking—1821′s Man Made Wash has got you covered on all fronts, with its 3-in-1 shampoo, conditioner, beard, and body wash. It’s both gentle and powerful at once, and won’t dry out skin or hair. The irresistible “absolute mahogany” fragrance has you feeling like you just stepped out of a fresh spring rainstorm, both musky and herbaceous at once.

Top-quality ingredients like glycerin, jojoba oil and esters, macadamia oil, and quinoa extract add enriching protein and protect skin and hair from free radical damage. We love this bourbon-bottle inspired packaging for a product that’s intoxicatingly good.

9. Oars + Alps | Natural Body and Face Wash

(Amazon)| Oars + Alps, Natural Body and Face Wash

Oars and Alps relies on natural ingredients to provide a cleanse that’s good for both your skin and the environment. The company excludes harmful ingredients commonly found in skincare products that even the FDA has not yet banned. The body wash is fortified with soothing aloe barbadensis leaf juice, moisturizing vitamin E and jojoba oil, and softening glycerin to make skin feel and look its best.

The star ingredient, though, is Alpine Caribou Moss, sourced from the Arctic Circle in Northern Finland. It boosts skin elasticity and protects against pollution and inflammation. Oars and Alps gets that nature knows best when it comes to keeping skin clean and healthy.

10. Old Spice | Gentleman’s Blend Aloe & Wild Sage Body Wash

(Amazon) | Old Spice, Gentleman's Blend Aloe & Wild Sage Body Wash

You know that squeaky clean, ultra-cleansed feeling you sometimes get right out of the shower? Well, you don’t really want it. Soaps that give you a cleaner than clean squeegee-like wash actually dry out the skin, stripping it of natural oils.

Old Spice Gentleman’s Blend does the opposite—it gently cleanses and does double moisturization duty, locking in water into the skin. It maintains your body’s natural hydrating properties while adding an extra dose of lubrication with its creamy texture. This makes it a great choice for dry and sensitive skin in need of extra hydration.

11. Brickell | Invigorating Mint Body Wash

(Brickell) | Deep Moisture Body Lotion.

Get your skin feeling minty-fresh with Brickell Invigorating Mind Body Wash. This crisp and ultra-lathering body wash is completely natural and organic. While somebody wash products get a hearty lather from risky synthetic ingredients, Brickell creates theirs without using any irritating chemicals or sulfates.

Instead, powerful natural ingredients, like glycerin, jojoba, and aloe vera amp up skin’s moisture throughout the day, long after a shower. The Invigorating Mint scented wash, using peppermint and tea tree leaf essential oils, is our favorite from the brand.

12. Aesop | Citrus Melange Body Cleanser

(Aesop) | Coriander Seed Body Cleanser.

You can’t help but feel classy with a bottle of Aesop cleanser in your bathroom. Aesop’s signature amber bottles are beautiful, and in this case, you can judge a book—err, body cleanser—by its cover.

Inside the bottle is a refreshing, gently foaming gel made to enhance skin’s natural moisture using vitamin E and coconut acid. Purifying essential oils and botanical extracts from grapefruit peel, lemon peel, petitgrain, and jasmine help you feel both relaxed and invigorated at once.

13. Ursa Major | Morning Mojo Bar Soap

(Ursa Major) | Morning Mojo Bar Soap

More often than not, bar soaps get you uber-clean at the expense of drying out the skin and stripping it of its natural moisture barriers. But Ursa Major raises the bar on this soap. With high-quality all-natural ingredients like honey, sea fennel, coconut, volcanic rock, and shea butter, Ursa Major expertly exfoliates, cleanses, and moisturizes.

It’s free of petrochemicals, synthetic fragrance or color, parabens, glycols, silicones, and other harmful ingredients, and never tested on animals. The refreshing mint and eucalyptus scent is perfect for perking up your step in the morning. Who even needs coffee?

14. Reyal | Supreme Body Wash

(Reyal) | Supreme Body Wash.

You’re not really a man if you don’t cleanse with Dragon’s Blood. Kidding, of course, but it’s hard to pass up Reyal’s warrior-like proprietary blend of vitamin E, centella asiatica (Tiger Grass) and sangre de grado (Dragon’s Blood). Sangre de Grado is an anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial plant that shields from environmental damage and is used to treat wounds, rashes, and other skin problems.

Centella asiatica, a chlorophyll-rich plant, enhances skin’s look and feel by reducing redness, making it stronger strong and more supple. With these prime ingredients, you’ll be ready to tackle any attack on your skin.

15. Molton Brown | Re-charge Black Pepper Bath & Shower Gel

(Molton Brown) | Re-charge Black Pepper Bath & Shower Gel

Molton Brown’s headline-grabbing scent is this bath and shower gel’s claim to fame. Created by master perfumer Jacques Chabert as his personal fragrance, the gel’s woody, spicy aroma has won numerous industry awards, garnering a well-deserved reputation as an adventurous and iconic best-selling scent.

Suitable for all skin types, this great smelling translucent gel is vegan, gluten-, paraffin-, phthalate-, paraben-, and cruelty free. We love it in the shower with a loofah and for a luxurious soak in the tub.

16. Diptyque | Eau des Sens Body Gel

(Diptyque) | Eau des Sens Body Gel

Consistently rated among the best body washes for men, L’Eau de Sens by Diptyque is our favorite high-end body care gift to give. From the classically beautiful dispenser to the complex and distinctive floral scent, it tells the recipient that you’ve got class and taste.

The light and silky cleansing foam, enriched with shea butter, feels elegant and soothing to the skin. Wrap it up in one of Diptyque’s complimentary signature gift boxes, included by request with your order, and gift this sophisticated cleanser to someone special—perhaps yourself?

17. Organic Bath Co. | RefreshMint Body Wash

(Organic Bath Co.) | RefreshMint Body Wash

The ingredient list for Organic Bath Co’s RefreshMint Body Wash isn’t very long—and that’s one of the things we love about it. All eight ingredients are natural, organic, and enriching to the skin. Coconut, olive, and jojoba oils moisturize, glycerin retains that moisture and aloe vera soothes, while essential oils create a delicious pick-me-up scent. With such a naturally powerful formula, you can know you’re doing good for your skin.

18. Everyone | 3-in-1 Soap

(Amazon) | Everyone, 3-in-1 Soap

If you care about your community and the environment (and who doesn’t?), then Everyone products are for you. Since the founders first began selling essential oils in 1995, Everyone has been putting out premium-quality skincare products with integrity and purpose. The company has donated to community organizations, creating local job opportunities and a platform to promote paid volunteer work amongst their employees.

Made with aloe, chamomile, white tea extracts, and provitamin b5, this multipurpose wash provides a spa-like treatment from the comfort of your own home. Try it in the shower or in a relaxing bubble bath, and feel good about supporting a brand that gives back.

19. Disco | Invigorating Body Wash

(Disco) | Moisturizing Body Wash.

Get the party started with Disco’s uplifting body wash. The team behind this line of products has a forward-looking, science-based approach to getting your skin to glow like it’s ready for a night out. In consultation with a medical advisor and a team of renowned cosmetic chemists, Disco has created an invigorating body wash that really gets you going.

It harnesses the powers of aloe to moisturize and repair damage, horsetail to soothe irritated skin, and chamomile to protect against free radicals. No wonder it has topped the lists of the GQ Grooming Awards (2020), Rolling Stone Essentials (2020), and SPY Editor’s Choice (2022).

20. Dr. Bronner’s | 4-in-1 Peppermint Organic Sugar Soap

(Dr. Bronner’s) | 4-in-1 Peppermint Organic Sugar Soap

You might know Dr. Bronner’s as a soap for, well, just about everything. And while their regular pure castile soaps do work as cleansers, this Organic Sugar Soap is enriched with organic white grape juice that pairs with the sugar to hydrate and nourish the skin. Organic coconut, olive, and hemp oils blend to make a gentle and creamy lather. It’s perfect as a multi-use soap to use for the body, hands, face, and hair. Reviewers love it so much that one of the most popular picks is the half-gallon refill bottle.

21. Harry’s | Redwood Body Wash

(Target) | Harry's, Redwood Body Wash

Lose yourself in a verdant coastal woodland forest rainstorm—or maybe just a shower that smells like one so much that you’ll forget you’re at home in the bathroom. The brisk and woody scent of evergreens, sea salt, and sandalwood is as appealing as the cleanser’s rich and skin-soothing lather.

These suds are creamy, rich, and instantly bubble out, and without the use of sulfates to boot. We’re in awe of how sudsy this lather gets, and have a feeling you’ll love using it as much as we do.

22. Baxter of California | Invigorating Body Wash

(Walmart) |Baxter of California, Invigorating Body Wash

When a reviewer called this cleanser the “body wash of the gods” we couldn’t not check it out. And with its mild, plant-derived formula that leaves skin clean and soft, not dry, we get the praise. Since 1965, Baxter of California has been creating prime men’s skincare products without the pretension of other top-quality brands.

The company’s simple, effective formulas are all tested at the award-winning Baxter Finley Barber + Shop in Los Angeles. With aloe vera, vitamin C, caffeine and glycerin to improve skin, this non-drying formula passes the test.

23. Every Man Jack | Body Wash and Shower Gel

(Every Man Jack) | Body Wash and Shower Gel

From their first tiny office in Hayes Valley of San Francisco, the makers of Every Man Jack have always wanted to make it big. The company started with a mission to reinvent men’s grooming, using as many natural, plant-based ingredients as possible without compromising on performance.

With their body wash and shower gel, you get just that—quality and effectiveness. Students, take notice of this one: Every Man Jack offers a 25% student discount program. It’s a deal every man (Jack or not) will want to get in on.

24. Hardworking Gentlemen | Natural Body Wash

(Amazon) | Hardworking Gentlemen, Natural Body Wash

Are you, good sir, a gentleman of quality, work ethic, and uncompromising taste? Hardworking Gentleman hopes there’s at least a few of you out there—you’re the target audience for this brand that promises “no compromises.” Their body wash works as hard as you do, with ingredients like organic aloe leaf, jojoba seed oil, natural vegetable glycerin, chamomile, and organic lavender to moisturize skin and hair, naturally.

What’s left out is just as important—parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and fillers. Hardworking Gentleman’s good hard work continues with packaging that is 100% biodegradable and recycled, and never uses raw plastics. Hardworking Gentleman works extra hard to keep you clean, so you can take it easy.

25. Odele | Soothing Body Wash

(Odele) | Soothing Body Wash

Remember the old wives’ tale about taking a bath in oats to soothe irritated skin? Well, it wasn’t all hogwash. Oats are indeed an effective remedy for sensitive skin, and Odele Soothing Body Wash takes advantage of them to their fullest.

This softening cleanser moisturizes skin while protecting its natural barrier, without stripping or drying skin. It’s recommended for dry, combination, itchy, and sensitive skin that needs a little extra TLC. We also can’t help but love that you can find it at Target.

26. Jo Malone London | Pomegranate Noir Body Wash

(Jo Malone London) | Pomegranate Noir Body Wash

Jo Malone ups the ante on luxe aromatic skincare with their sexy and enigmatic Pomegranate Noir Body Wash. Whether you’re relishing in a relaxing self-care night in or about to set yourself out on the town, this sensual scent will last the whole night.

Exotic aromas of pomegranate, pink pepper spice, and Casablanca lily are enhanced by the warming allure of patchouli and guaiac wood. The delicate yet powerful scent is a match for the gentle cleansing and softening effects of this crystal clear gel. Pair it with Jo Malone’s unisex parfums and lotions for luxury on all levels.

27. Nécessaire | The Body Wash

(Nécessaire) | The Body Wash.

Do good for your body and the planet with a cleanser that puts both you and the environment as its top priorities. The Body Wash by Nécessaire follows EU regulations for clean products, which are overwhelmingly stricter than those of the FDA. We love that it’s climate neutral, plastic neutral, and vegan in addition to being dermatologist-tested for giving you your best skin.

Nécessaire includes ingredients rich in niacinimide, vitamin C, vitamin E, omega-6 and omega-9 to cleanse, nourish, and balance skin. We’re not alone in loving this simple yet effective gel—it’s won awards every year since 2019 from publications including Allure, HypeBae, Glamour, Women’s Health, and more.

28. Native | Cucumber and Mint Body Wash

(Target)|Native, Cucumber and Mint Body Wash

We love a good frothy lather in the shower as much as any bather, but also know that the sulfates that usually create it can be harmful to skin. Native has perfected the sudsy delight, using entirely plant-derived ingredients that leave skin soft and hydrated. You get a clean rinse too, without any worries of soap that sticks to the skin and dries it out post-shower. Native has a colorful array of natural scents to choose from, but our favorite is the crisp and refreshing Cucumber and Mint. Use it and you’ll feel like you’ve just walked into a spa.

29. CeraVe | Soothing Body Wash

Amazon | (CeraVe) Soothing Body Wash

When it comes to dry skin, there’s dry and then there’s Sahara Desert dry. If your skin tends toward the latter, CeraVe’s gentle formula is made for you. Developed in consultation with dermatologists for very dry skin, CeraVe Soothing Body Wash harnesses the power of ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and omega oils to cleanse and soothe skin while protecting skin’s natural moisture barrier. This product is fragrance free, so it’s one of the best options we’ve found for sensitive skin.

30. Outlaw | Blazing Saddles Natural Body Wash

(Amazon) | Outlaw, The Gambler Body Wash

Here’s another top seller by Outlaw, the makers of The Gambler (number three on our list). With all the benefits of The Gambler, Blazing Saddles body wash really has “the sexiest scent ever,” with a mix of leather, gunpowder, sagebrush, and sandalwood. Live out your pistol-toting, horse-lassoing cowboy dreams with this powerful body wash.

Just like in the cowboy days of lore, this one’s made with all-natural ingredients and recyclable packaging. Whether you’re home on the range or showing off this masculine scent at the saloon, you’ll be fresher than any western outlaw there ever was.

31. Le Labo | Hinoki Shower Gel

(John Lewis) |Le Labo, Hinoki Shower Gel

If you’ve ever been stopped on the street by a passerby wanting to know what scent you’re wearing, you know your fragrance is a good one. Le Labo has achieved cult status for its intoxicating scents that can be recognized around the block (but in a “what is that amazing smell?” kind of way).

The Hinoki scent in Le Labo’s shower gel has a mesmerizing, mystically warm aroma with the scent of the hinoki trees in the forest surrounding the Buddhist temples of Mount Koya in Japan. Fortunately, this cleanser gives you more than just a great scent. With a plant-based formula made with nourishing sesame oil and toning rosemary leaf, your skin will feel as good as you smell.

32. Anthony | Invigorating Rush Hair + Body Wash

(Anthony) | Invigorating Rush Hair + Body Wash

By now you know we can’t get enough of these rich, woodsy, aromatic body washes, and Anthony’s Invigorating Rush hair and body wash is one of our favorites. This dermatologist-tested cleanser is gentle on skin, making it a great choice for men with eczema and other easily irritated skin types.

Natural ingredients like stimulating eucalyptus, refreshing birch leaf, and soothing Canadian balsam leave skin refreshed and enlivened. Users love the aroma, with one reviewer raving over its “scent of Christmas.” Let Anthony bring you into holiday celebration mode year-round with this fun, sudsy wash.