Birch Gold Reviews 2022: Fees, BBB, Ratings, Storage Options

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Birch Gold Group Reviews

Whether it is your first time opening an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), a precious metals IRA, or simply trying to diversify your portfolio, you only want to work with people who can protect your hard-earned money.

You are not looking only for a business that handles investments, but want to ensure that you only deal with precious metals experts. Here is where you can count on the Birch Gold Group. This precious metal dealer has been in the business for almost twenty years. This experience helped them establish a reliable system of putting investor funds on tangible assets like precious metals.

So if you have been going over hundreds of Birch Gold group reviews to find more information, we’ve summed up everything in this article.

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  • Birch Gold Group is a twenty-year-old precious metals dealer that assists investors who want to buy precious metals or convert their retirement funds to a precious metals IRA.

  • They offer a free information kit upon sign-up.

  • They will guide you from orientation to paper works to account set up until your purchased metals are shipped.

  • They offer high-end assistance and work with licensed custodians and depositories to secure assets at your precious metals IRA.

  • Their minimum investment amount is $10,000.

  • They also have buy-back promos available upon your request.

  • They may have hidden fees declared on their website. Do your due diligence.

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Birch Gold Reviews, Complaints, & Dispute

For a precious metals dealer that has served over thirteen thousand customers in nearly twenty years, it’s unlikely that you will not find reviews from different platforms. Especially since the internet has been a good source of customer reviews, you will find Birch Gold Group on reliable review platforms such as the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, and TrustPilot.

And just like any other business, none has been ever perfect. And often, mistakes and resolutions have been a pathway to improving systems. Birth Gold Group, as a precious metal dealer, is like these businesses dealing with complaints and grunty customers. And we are talking about hard-earned money and a lifetime of savings. So handling these complaints is important, especially for you who are about to put them on a more stable asset— the precious metals IRA.

And to summarize the customer reviews from different platforms, we conclude that their performance is reliable and their customers are satisfied with their services.

Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau uses a letter grading system to rate accredited and non-accredited businesses. Here, customers can provide feedback or submit a complaint, wherein customers or viewers can weigh a business’s response in resolving or answering the complaint.

According to BBB, eleven customers submitted complaints in the Birch Gold Group profile. And as of writing, all these complaints have been resolved or closed.

Some complaints include billing issues, precious metal value reporting, miscommunications between their staff due to COVID 19, and robocalls received by some customers that availed of their free info kit.

In the past twelve months, they have closed four complaints, and there are no pending complaints left unsolved. The move only means that the business takes every complaint seriously. Of the 66 reviews as of writing, the average is 4.76/5 stars, which still indicates a very satisfactory performance.

Also, we’d like to note that most of their staff have been helpful, according to people who have left five stars. They love how the Birch Gold Group took to educating their future and existing clients. And some of them loved the same warm assistance they still receive even after opening an account.

Business Consumer Alliance

The Business Consumer Alliance formerly operates as the Better Business Bureau of the Southland. They also use a letter grading system for consumers to rate the performance of businesses across the USA. The BCA advocates for business self-regulation by resolving complaints filed on their website so future customers could also view their performance as a business.

According to BCA, they have the AAA rating or the highest rating provided to a business. All the five reviews gave them five stars, and they also resolved only two complaints. One customer complaint comes from miscommunication about promotions, which the client agreed to make an adjustment. The other complaint asked for a refund, which is the result of misrepresentations of promotions and commissions. They have resolved this complaint.

Most of the satisfied reviews were happy that they have secured their IRA or 401k plan to gold or silver and that the company has helped them smoothen the transition of the funds.

Consumer Affairs

Consumer Affairs is a safe haven for consumers as this platform becomes a knowledge avenue for reviews, news, complaints, resources, and safety recalls of purchases or availed services.

Currently, 114 customers provided ratings for Birch Gold Group. What we love about Consumer Affairs is they list the advantages and disadvantages of engaging in a company, so consumers can have initial information before reading the reviews. Also, these reviews come from verified people.

According to consumer affairs, the company works with trusted depositories, has a variety of precious metals to choose from, helps you with a specialist, and helps you diversify savings. However, they do not work with or process conventional IRAs.

You will be greeted with positive feedback, even recommending their specialists and naming them. Most customers who do not know precious metals shared that the Birch Gold provided simple explanations that they understand. They love how their specialists are very knowledgeable and answer their inquiries. Some even noted they never felt getting pushed to buy Silver or Gold.

Those who provided negative feedback stated how reps led them to buy proof coins that were more expensive than usual, and not actually what they need. We recommend you do your due diligence before purchasing proof coins. Most people get surprised over the incredibly low value of their coins after a year or so. As of this writing, the Birch Gold Group has not responded to this case.


Trustpilot is also a reliable review platform for consumers who want to engage with certain businesses. As of writing, there had been 121 reviews for Birch Gold Group. This number of reviewers averages 4.8/5 stars, which is a satisfactory rating.

The good thing about it is most reviewers recommend the specialists that handled their accounts. There were only two 1-star feedbacks that again talked about reps leading them to buy proof coins, which looks like a spam review found on another review platform.

We see some feedback that the value of their coins depreciated despite gold and silver are doing well in the market.

But there are 95% who are so pleased with how the Birch Gold Group transferred their IRA accounts to precious metals. Most felt secure about putting their money on a more secure asset. Some thanked the media channels where they first heard of the company. And the most customer-satisfied reviews talk about their representatives who were professional in keeping them informed. We conclude that the company is decent in providing their services.


TrustLink has a seemingly outdated website that looks more like a forum. Even so, Birch Gold Group accumulated 127 reviews as of writing, and the average rate is five stars. However, clients who have negative feedback are unable to file a complaint. So we are not seeing Birch Gold Group respond to each review. However, there’s an option to send the reviewer a message so the BGG can address the problem.

Most reviews boast about smooth transactions and commend their representatives for exceptional service. Some reviewers even noted their seemingly white gloves service.

Some reviewers even shared how many years they have been buying coins from BGG, and the repeat transactions have always been smooth. Other reviewers who have zero knowledge about precious metals IRA commended how their representative has been patient with them until they successfully opened an account.

While there is random negative feedback that narrates about the buy-high-sell-low scheme he has fallen into, we have no idea if the BBG has reached out to them. But on other review platforms, they resolved a similar complaint.

Overall, we can conclude that BGG rendered exemplary service to the reviewers on this platform.


Yelp is another popular platform for businesses and customers to interact with reviews and responses. However, there are only four counted reviews in their average of 4/5 ratings. Eleven reviews did not count on the overall rating but left good reviews. Most reviews stated that they feel safer that they have converted their IRAs into precious metals, which are more stable.

The only negative feedback we have seen from counted reviews is a minor issue about the receptionist not attending to his call, which the BBG requested to make up for the poor customer service. There was detailed feedback that outlined her experience of transferring her 401k plan to precious metal IRA, and that it was overall a satisfying experience.

With all these reviews, you may wonder how Birch Gold Group processes everything. So here’s what you need to know, and let’s start with the fees.

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Birch Gold IRA Fees

Precious metal IRA is not so cheap to maintain. You will pay fees upon opening the account. You will pay annual costs.

When opening a precious metal IRA at Birch Gold Group, you will pay a set-up fee, a fee for wire transfers you’re going to initiate, and storage fees. Upon set up, you will pay a one-time fee of $50. And for every wire transfer, they will charge you $30. For insurance and storage, you will pay $100 for a non-segregated vault, but for a segregated vault, you will pay $150.

You will have an annual cost of $80 management fee and the same amount for the storage fee. Annually, your maintenance cost can be $180 to 230.

But if you open an account with $50,000 worth of investments, they will waive these fees.

We love these fees, though they are higher, for being fixed. Regardless of how much money or assets you put into your account, you will incur the same fees annually.

But remember, you will not open a gold IRA account for any amount. You have a minimum of $10,000 to set up an account.

Setting Up Your Gold IRA

Setting up a Gold IRA account at Birch Gold can take one month. It involves different stages, and they will guide you with the help of a self-directed IRA custodian and working with a gold depository or storage company.

First, you will go through a qualifying phase. At this stage, a company representative will discuss the precious metal IRA basics. They will do so while getting necessary details about you, like your businesses, investments, or finances. In this process, they will assess if you have what it takes to invest in precious metals.

Second, they will process your papers or documents. You will fill out an information sheet, and you have to attach the required documents so they will have references. From here, they will assess and deliberate the authenticity of your documents and verify the information. Your application will be subject to approval. And when they think you have what it takes to open a Gold IRA account, you will have to sign the form to finalize the agreement.

The next stage is setting up your account and funding it. There are different ways to fund a precious metals account. One, you can use a check or direct transfer from your existing bank account. Two, you can use your retirement funds to roll over in your precious metal IRA. You can use these methods: conversion, rollover, or transfer. They are simply an IRA to your precious metals IRA account or your employer-sponsored retirement fund to your Gold IRA account.

After buying precious metals, BBG will ship them to government-allowed depositories. They are only a few, and you should not be storing your precious metals at home. If you bring it home, the IRS will count it as a withdrawal transaction, which will subject you to early withdrawal penalties and taxation.

Gold IRA Custodian

The Birch Gold Group will not manage your precious metal IRA account. They should say this to you upfront.

BBG acts as a brokerage firm.

A custodian is a specialist in precious metals that manages the paperwork involving your IRA account and tax reporting the transactions made with your account. He must have a license to facilitate and handle precious metals IRA. He will also work with the depository that will store your purchased precious metals.

So if you have your licensed custodian, Birch Gold will work with them to set up your account and manage your transactions. Your annual costs for management fee will also depend on the fee charged by your custodian.

Equity Trust Company

Equity Trust Company provides financial services for clients who want to diversify their portfolios. The 45-year-old company is well-trusted for managing and handling self-directed individual retirement accounts.

Equity Trust Company is the primary custodian-partner of Birch Gold Group. When you have Equity Trust Company as your custodian, you do not have to pay a separate fee to Equity Trust. The one-time setup, wire transfer, and storage fees will still apply. And you may still avail of the first-year-waived fee promo if you’re putting in $50,000.

After your IRA account has been funded, they will arrange the delivery of precious metals to the Gold IRA depository.

(Birch Gold Group) | Top Choice For Beginners.

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Gold IRA Depository

As said earlier, you cannot safely keep your precious metals by yourself. Doing so will remove your account’s IRA status. The IRS will consider it as a distribution or a withdrawal. It will convert into a savings account and become subject to taxation. The law does not allow anybody to have direct access to their IRA.

The IRS has been strict on this policy as these are rare elements with high value. Therefore, storing precious metal at home is discouraged and can be a grave invitation for robbery and crime.

Here is where Gold IRA depositories come in. The law should recognize these depositories as storage facilities for precious metals. They are not banking storage facilities.

While you can store your precious metals in your preferred accredited depositories, Birch Gold Group partners with them for their clients without one. And remember, these depositories take responsibility and liability over the coins in their possession, and the insurance you paid covers the coins in their custody.

  • Delaware Depository Service Company

Founded in 1999, this highly-equipped private precious metal custodian is a Licensed Custodian of the CME Group, Inc. They utilize high-end security facilities with UL-rated vaults, 24-7 surveillance, motion, vibration, and sound detection. They offer segregated and non-segregated vaults.

  • Brinks

Brinks is also one of the preferred depositories of many investors as they have many facilities across different locations in the USA, so their shipping fees are more manageable. They use armored vehicles for shipment, and armored guards protect them during transportation. They also offer segregated and non-segregated vaults.

  • International Depository Services

The International Depository Services (IDS) offers secure storage of precious metals to IRA custodians and individual and institutional investors. They have three locations in North America: Delaware, Canada, and Texas. Offering segregated and non-segregated vaults, these vaults are all UL-rated Class III.

Birch’s Products and Services

Birch Gold Group sells gold, silver, and precious metals to investors and coin collectors. They sell IRA-eligible precious metal bars or coins. Their product catalog also includes numismatic, collectible, and premium coins. These precious metals are gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

  • American Gold Eagle coins (proof and bullion)

  • American Buffalo coins

  • Canadian Maple Leaf coins

  • Gold Twin Maple coins

  • Australian Gold Florin

  • American Silver Eagle coins (proof and bullion)

  • Silver Twin Maples

  • Australian Silver Florin

  • Platinum Bars & Rounds

  • American Platinum Eagle

  • Australian Platinum Florin

  • Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf

  • Palladium Bars and Rounds

Also, the Birch Gold facilitates education and orientation about precious metals, IRA setup, and guides until the depositories ship them to facilities.

Investor Education

You don’t need to purchase silver or gold to gain information about investing in precious metals. The Birch Gold agents are patient, knowledgeable, and warm when it comes to educating future clients. They also provide advice on when some products are ideal to invest in some seasons.

They also have other portals for educating people about investing in precious metals like the Ben Shapiro Show. They also offer a free information kit that you can avail of upon sign-up.

IRA Setup

Their IRA setup services are what most clients remember in them. Here, the company assigns a representative to guide through the process. Their assistance from qualifying to working with custodians and depositories is exemplary.

Delivery and Storage

After purchasing precious metals, their representative and your custodian will facilitate safe and secured shipping of your coins or metals with your preferred depository.

Gold Buy-Back Program

In as much as you want to keep your precious metals, you will have situations when you will need to liquidate them. Birch Gold has the most desirable buy-back program as they will not charge you fees. Also, there are buyers always available to buy your coins.

There is some process that must be followed, and you may have to wait. The entire process may take a week or longer.

And when it comes to buying back the gold or precious metals, you can either sell it at its current value or its value during your purchase, depending on your agreed price. Sometimes they agree to buy it at the same value when you purchase them.

Birch Gold Review: Worth Your Investment?

  1. You can entrust your lifetime investment and savings to Birch Gold Group.

For over twenty years in the business, they served thousands of satisfied customers. The reviews are proofs that they provide satisfactory service and value your money as much as you do.

  1. Positive verified reviews from different platforms.

Verified Purchases have vouched for their performance from orientation to IRA set up to store delivery. These people are living proofs of their outstanding service.

  1. Reliable affiliates for secure precious metals IRA

Also, they partner with reliable custodians and depositories to ensure that your precious metals are safe. Compared to other companies, they offer a minimum of $10,000 investment. Other companies require $25,000 at least. Others even have a minimum of $50,000.

  1. Continuous assistance

Also, their service doesn’t stop at account opening. They will still assist you when you have concerns: when you need to make another transaction, have issues with your investment’s current value, or need to liquidate your investment. They will even assist you with some random call issues or poor customer service of their employees.

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Birch Gold Complaints: What We Don’t Like

  1. Minimum non-IRA cash purchases are still expensive.

It may not be suitable for small transactions. Those who want to buy precious metals for only a few thousand dollars should have to invest a minimum of $10,000. When they have to open this amount out of their plan, it would affect their annual budget.

Birch Gold is one of the most secure precious metal IRA companies. Although you want to avail of their premium services, you may have to find smaller companies with lower minimum investments.

  1. The purchasing method is a bit outdated.

Sure their website looks good. But you cannot shop for precious metals on their website. You will always have to contact a representative when you need to make a purchase. Of course, investors— even small investors - are busy people, and making transactions can be easier if they can shop through an online cart.

  1. There can be some hidden charges.

Some investors are unaware of the charges that they may pay, like commissions. These are not posted on their website because the amount is not usually fixed.

Final Thoughts - Birch Gold Group Reviews

Nevertheless, the Birch Gold Group is still one of the finest precious metal IRA companies you can transact with. But, you need to be someone who could spend thousands of dollars on precious metals. Being one entitles you to their state-of-the-art service. Their representative will accommodate you from orientation until you have funded your account and until the precious metals you purchased are shipped to depositories. Moreover, they are attentive to follow-ups and even update you with developments on your account status.

Being in the business for over 20 years, they have partnered with the most reliable custodian and depositories to handle your precious metal IRA. Overall, we can conclude that your life savings and investment are safe with Birch Gold Group.