Nexgard Chewables For Dog Reviews

Sponsored: Are fleas and ticks bothering your best friend? Are you worried about your pup carrying unwanted passengers on its fur?

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Are fleas and ticks bothering your best friend? Are you worried about your pup carrying unwanted passengers on its fur? You will need to seek effective treatment to protect your dog’s condition from worsening!

As dog owners, we’re always worrying about our dog’s safety. Our pup’s warm fur is the perfect habitat for parasites; unfortunately, they harm our dog’s health. They can also be a nuisance for humans since many are contagious!

Nexgard may be the product you’re looking for. Go through our Nexgard for Dogs reviews to learn more about this incredible product and why it may be the right for your canine family member.

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Where To Buy Nexgard for Dogs?

If you’re ready to provide your dog with an effective solution, you can go to your nearest vet or shop online here. Talk to your vet to determine whether Nexgard is the best solution for your dog’s problems.

Nexgard Pros and Cons

Nexgard is one of the market’s most practical solutions for fleas and ticks. It protects your pup from parasites that live on your dog’s fur. A simple beefy chew allows you to protect your dog from these nasty critters.

The product is very convenient for dog owners. Many of us do not trust collars and other topical solutions that may end up causing more harm to our best friends! Solutions may be hard to apply to your dog and can cause a mess!

Nexgard does not only tackle ticks and fleas since it may also eliminate certain worms. However, like any product, there are a couple of downsides to the product.

In the next part of my review, I discuss the pros and cons of using Nexgard to help you understand the bigger picture.

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  • Nexgard is the only FDA-approved medicine to counter Lyme disease in pets

  • Delicious Beef Flavor that makes it simple for you to give it to your dog

  • Gentle on your dogs and do not cause any serious side effects

  • Kills ticks, including the nasty ones that may cause paralysis

  • It does not react with other medication, and you may even hide the tablet in your dog’s food

  • The product has been thoroughly tested and can be safely given to all dog breeds

  • Unlike lotions and ointments that may wipe off when your dog is wet, Nexgard’s effects are guaranteed because it is an oral medicine

  • You will not have to separate your dog while it is undergoing the treatment

  • Different dosages are available, varying on your dog’s weight

  • Will get all ticks, and you will not have to dig them out from your dog’s ears

  • Acts quickly by eliminating fleas and ticks within eight hours

  • Offers up to a month of protection against flea and tick bites

  • Highly effective against the American dog tick, the black-legged tick, and the Lone Star tick


  • The medicine has not been tested on breeding males, so you should use it with precaution

  • If your dog has a history of seizures, your vet will not allow you to administer it

  • Only works when the tick or flea bites and does not repel the critters

What is Nexgard?

Your furry friend is prone to many skin diseases and understandably so. As a dog owner, I find it difficult to stop my dog from rolling around in the dirt. That’s also why my dogs suffer from fleas and ticks occasionally. Fleas and ticks may cause your dog a great deal of discomfort and perhaps health issues if not handled.

Nexgard is an effective medication for treating flea, tick, and mite infestations in dogs, including demodectic and sarcoptic mange. It has potential for use in the treatment of flea-allergic dermatitis, which is an allergic reaction caused by flea bites.

Nexgard is an oral medication that suppresses fleas and ticks for an entire month. It comes as a delicious chewable that is beef flavored. Dogs love the product because of its flavor, and you will not have to run after your pup for it to have the medicine.

Fleas are parasitic insects. Your dog’s blood is their source of nourishment so they may multiply. Adult female fleas start producing eggs after they have connected to a host.

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They will shed their eggs and spread the infestation throughout the dog’s habitat. As time passes, the eggs develop into wormlike larvae, which subsequently mature into more fleas. A flea infestation may also create itchy, unpleasant skin issues in your dog.

You may feel or see ticks on your dog’s body under their fur when hunting for ticks. A mature tick looks like a little round insect with eight legs when it initially attaches. It will grow up and become bloated and bluish-gray after eating and then detach. If the tick has already disengaged, you may see a little bump or red rash where it bit your dog.

Veterinary clinics across the United States are reporting an alarming rise in Lyme disease. The disease is caused by black-legged ticks that may be hard to kill with conventional sprays. Nexgard has received FDA approval for being an effective solution to killing the black-legged tick.

Nexgard can also kill other types of ticks. The edible medicine can kill Lone Star, Brown Dog, and American Dog ticks because of its powerful dosage. The chewable offers the perfect long-term protection for your dog.

Fleas and ticks can be a pain for every dog owner. With the growing number of cases of Lyme disease and other skin infections, I was worried about my pet’s safety. When I discovered Nexgard, it became clear that this product was unlike any other I had tried.

The product is a beef-flavored chewable tablet that is easy to feed your dog. You’ll only have to open the packet, and your pup will eat quickly. The beefy flavor and smell are hard for any dog to resist!

Nexgard is highly effective against certain parasites. The brand claims it can kill all fleas and ticks within eight hours, contrary to other products, which can take over two days!

Nexgard can kill 99% of all infections in a single treatment. The product kills eggs, larvae, and full-grown parasites making it highly effective in protecting your dog’s health. While it does not repel the parasites, it can clear existing infections in no time!

How Does Nexgard Work

Nexgard is a revolutionary product that may improve your dog’s health over time! Your days of worrying about fleas and ticks may be over! This new product works faster and more efficiently than other products and may clear infections within a couple of hours.

If you have not researched how the product protects your pup from nasty infections, don’t miss this section of our reviews.

The product was launched by Merial, which is the same firm that produces Frontline Flea and Tick treatment. The firm is highly trustworthy since it is experienced in treating parasitic infections. Its newest product, Nexgard, aims to be more effective and easier to consume

Nexgard is a newly launched oral treatment that suppresses fleas and ticks. The product is highly effective and may clear your dog’s infection instantly. The product provides protection for up to a month while effectively killing all ticks, including those that may cause paralysis.

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The product contains a novel and highly potent ingredient called Afoxolaner. Afoxolaner acts as an ectoparasiticide, allowing it to kill any parasite that lives on your dog’s skin or fur. It can easily clear fleas, ticks, and mites, protecting your pet from skin infections.

Afoxolaner can kill fleas and ticks by over-stimulating their nervous systems. It stops the parasite’s movement of ions in its nerve cells. Since it blocks out the substance that conveys messages in the nerves, the parasites become paralyzed and die.

The substance also kills parasites before they can lay eggs. This stops the parasites from multiplying, protecting your dog from growing infections.

To start your dog’s treatment, you will give it Nexgard pills. The pills are easy to feed your dog because they have a delicious beefy flavor that most dogs love! If your dog doesn’t consume it immediately, you can mask it with peanut butter.

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Once your dog has eaten the product, it is absorbed into the bloodstream through its small intestinal lining. Nexgard hides under your dog’s skin, waiting for a parasite to latch onto it. Once a parasite tries to connect to your pet for a meal, it will be exposed to the medicine, instantly killing it!

Vets highly recommend the medicine due to its effectiveness and ease. Nexgard can kill almost all fleas and ticks within a single dose, so you won’t have to expose your dog to excessive medication.

Since the medication is effective for up to a month, the company suggests dog owners create a schedule. Administering the product once a month can prevent any harmful parasites from latching to your dog’s skin.

Nexgard Benefits

You may wonder why you would want to give your dog this new treatment over existing ones. The answer is simple, the benefits of Nexgard outweigh conventional anti-parasitic medication.

The product contains one active ingredient, Afoxolaner, with both tick and insect-killing properties. Despite being a newly discovered molecule, Afoxolaner is highly effective. It has shown to be 100% effective in killing certain parasites within one day and over 90% effective in killing all tick species within two days.

With the product being clinically safe and promoted by veterinary hospitals around the country, Nexgard promises to keep your dog safe from pesky creatures. Veterinarians have worked extensively with both topical and oral parasite medication. They use that knowledge in their recommendations. There are various aspects to consider while choosing a product.

Some products kill just adult bugs, while others also destroy eggs and larvae. Different products are helpful against different types of pests. Some kill fleas, mites, heartworms, and mosquitoes.

However, if your goal is to target fleas and ticks, Nexgard is recommended by most veterinarians!

Here are a few benefits of using the product:

Clears tick and flea infestations

Nexgard is the perfect product to clear tick and flea infestations from your dog’s skin. It is also the only licensed medication that can prevent Lyme disease from your best friend!

Many products that tackle fleas and ticks have severe side effects. Worrying about side effects frequently may be stressful if you plan on treating your dog once a month. Our pups are sensitive and severe medication may harm their health.

Fortunately, Nexgard is safe to use for most dogs. The product is gentle on your dog’s body and causes no severe side effects. You can administer the medicine to your dog every month without having to worry about it causing any adverse effects!

With its active ingredient, afoxolaner, the product has the ability to block the parasite’s nerve cells from communicating with each other. This causes the parasite’s nervous system to break down, paralyzing the pest! Once the parasite is paralyzed, it dies instantly.

The product can also clear out infestations and provides lasting support for an entire month. Since it also kills larvae and any eggs, you can rest easy knowing your dog is safe from any nasty parasite!

Effective against demodectic and sarcoptic mange

While many believe Nexgard is only effective against ticks and fleas, that is not the case! The product is also highly effective against demodectic and sarcoptic mange.

Demodectic mange is also known as Demodex. The condition is caused by a long, thin-shaped mite called the Demodex Canis. They pass down from their mothers after birth and are usually harmless to your dog. Demodex is not contagious either, but it is better if it is eliminated from your dog’s skin.

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However, Sarcoptic mange is a disease that you should really fear! The disease is transmissible from pets to humans and is highly contagious. The disease is frequently called scabies and may cause extreme itchiness, redness, hair loss, and emaciation in extreme cases!

If you have kids in your house, you will not want to risk your pup carrying contagious diseases on its skin! Stopping your dog from going outside may seem like an impossible task, so you will need effective medicine to protect you and your dog from this tick.

Luckily, Nexgard can eliminate Demodex and Scabies while eradicating flea and tick infestations. Since the product is highly versatile and tackles many parasitic conditions, it is highly recommended by vets around the country.

Acts quickly with a high efficacy

When your dog consumes Nexgard, expect results to occur swiftly. The medication comes with a 99% efficacy rate, meaning it can almost certainly kill any flea or tick that is preying on your dog!

Giving medicine to your dog may seem like pain. Your dog will probably not enjoy eating tablets, and applying skin ointments may lead to unpleasant results. When I tried feeding my dog Nexgard, it ate it without creating a fuss!

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Most dogs quickly gulp it down when administered in a tasty beef-flavored, soft, chewable tablet. You will only need to give it once a month. Feed the tablet as it is, or pair it with a meal if your dog is picky. Disguise the tablet in its favorite snack and let Nexgard do its thing.

You can start to see results within a couple of hours. Within eight hours, the product can call 99% of all fleas and ticks that it targets. Within 72 hours, it can even hit targeted mites protecting your dog from any skin-borne illness!

Nexgard Side Effects

As you go about finding more on this product, you may also be wondering what the downsides to this medicine are. Most products have some side effects, but you do not have to worry with Nexgard, as it’s one of the safest options out there.

Parasites are more than just a disturbance; fleas and ticks may spread potentially dangerous illnesses to animals and people. With the prevalence of these parasites across the year in the United States, the number of reported infections has been rising steadily.

Many products have been released to help combat rising fleas and ticks. While many have effectively addressed the problem, some products may be less efficient than others.

All medication is subject to certain side effects. When certain side effects do occur, they usually subside quickly. In most cases, the side effects will not require any intervention from the veterinarian.

Here is a list of some of the reported side effects of Nexgard:

  • Vomiting

  • Lethargy

  • Diarrhea

  • Hyperactivity and restlessness

  • Panting

  • Allergic reactions

  • Tremors

If your dog suffers any of these side effects, monitor its health closely. If its condition starts to improve, you do not have to visit your vet. If symptoms persist, contact your healthcare provider for advice.

While it may seem like an extensive list of hazardous side effects, their chances are extremely low. Few veterinary clinics have reported incidents of life-threatening conditions after administering the medication. Nexgard still remains the top choice drug to fight against certain parasites.

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Types of Nexgard

Pets often suffer from parasitic diseases, which may be particularly bothersome if left untreated for an extended period of time. Experienced pet owners understand how difficult it is to cope with these problems if they reoccur.

Though there are several topical and oral choices on the market, it is best to choose the one that best fits your pet. If he dislikes topical treatments and is easily distracted, chewable is the best option.

Nexgard and Nexgard Spectra are two treatments that have dominated the market due to their tremendous efficacy in parasite removal.

Nexgard and Nexgard Spectra are two treatments that have dominated the market due to their tremendous efficacy in parasite removal. Owners are frequently perplexed when faced with the decision between the two. If you are in the same boat, below is a clear distinction between the products.


Merial’s Nexgard is a beef-flavored chewable and is a common anti-parasitic medicine. The medication is designed to eliminate fleas and ticks in your dogs. The medicine is fast-acting and highly effective against these parasites.

Afoxolaner is Nexgard’s main component. It is an active ingredient that affects the parasite’s nervous system, causing it to become hyper excited. The parasite’s nervous system slowly breaks down, leading to its death.

Nexgard is highly effective against the American Dog, Black Legged Deer, and Lone Star tick. The drug is not only useful for fleas. Its active component is also effective against ticks, a common Lyme disease source.

The beef flavor in the product is a favorite amongst dogs. You’ll need to keep it away from your furry friend, or it may just end up devouring the entire pack!

Nexgard provides at least one month of protection against flea and tick bites while protecting your dog from infections. To administer the drug, you will need a prescription from your veterinarian.

Once you have purchased the tablet, feed it to your dog. If your pup is a fussy eater, you can absolutely hide it in its food. The medicine does not react with any other medication and can be eaten with other food items.

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Different Doses - Sizes

To make it easier for you to give the medicine, the company that produces Nexgard has varying doses. The strength depends on the size of your dog, and the company uses a unique method to help you identify the right package for you.

Nexgard is available in color-coded packs that make it simpler for pet owners. The following doses are available.

  • Orange: for dogs that weigh between 4 and 10 lbs 11 mg

  • Blue : for medium-sized dogs that weigh between 10.1 and 24 lbs (28mg)

  • Purple: for large dogs that weigh between 24.1 and 60 lbs (68mg)

  • Red: for over-sized dogs that wight between 60.1 and 120 lbs (136mg)


Things are moving forward at a blazing rate. The modern consumer is looking for products that can satisfy several needs. The audience’s top goals are affordability, convenience, and effectiveness.

Pet owners often seek the highest-quality items available, whether food, medicines or treats, to meet their pets’ requirements. You may be worried about ticks, worms, fleas, and heartworms, and this one product claims to eliminate all these parasites.

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Nexgard Spectra is a stronger version of the standard Nexgard chewable. When compared to Nexgard, it offers a broader spectrum of treatments with the same dosage and protection duration.

In contrast to Nexgard, which is solely effective against fleas and ticks, Nexgard Spectra is also effective against intestinal and heartworms. The addition of an active ingredient, Milbemycin Oxime, provides it with the ability to treat various parasitic infections.

Milbemycin Oxime can destroy parasites that live within your pup’s body. The substance is absorbed in your dog’s small intestine and eliminates any parasite it comes in contact with.

What Ingredients Does Nexgard Use?

Nexgard contains two primary substances called Afoxolaner and Milbemycin Oxime. As mentioned earlier, Afoxolaner kills parasites that live on your dog’s skin or fur. Milbemycin acts as an endoparasitic. The substance has the ability to kill parasites and worms that live inside your dog’s body.

These chewable pills are great as a reward or side dish because your dog can consume them easily. After the stomach has begun breaking down the food, the active component, afoxolaner, enters the small intestine and is absorbed into the bloodstream.

The afoxolaner then sits idle under your dog’s skin, waiting for a parasite to attach. Once the parasite decides to prey on your dog, the substance activates in its body.

Is Nexgard Safe for Dogs?

The simple answer is, of course, yes! Nexgard is one of the safest medications available that fights against nasty parasites. If you’re worried about the safety of Nexgard, remember the effects caused by infections are worse.

Nexgard products debuted in 2014 and were considered the new chapter in the fight against skin-borne parasites. Since its products are among the Isoxazoline family, they operate by selectively inhibiting glutamate and GABA-gated chloride channels.

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This results in the death of the parasite due to hyperexcitation and paralysis. Since GABA channels in mammals are less sensitive to isoxazolines, the toxicity is low in dogs.

Innovative and successful, Nexgard is an oral flea and tick prevention that works against fleas and three tick species (the American dog tick, the black-legged tick, and the Lone Star tick). One chewable tablet provides 30 days of protection against parasites and fleas for your dog.

In addition, it serves as an efficient deterrent against tick-borne infections, including Lyme, Anaplasmosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and Ehrlichiosis. The only bad thing about Nexgard is that the medication only works if the parasites bite the dog, which can often take a very long time.

The FDA has approved the use of Nexgard. Prior to approval, the FDA thoroughly analyzed studies and other evidence on Nexgard. However, additional evidence may surface when the medication is used in a broader population after approval.

Nexgard has been safely evaluated and is now available for use in dogs above 4 pounds and as young as 8 weeks old. The chews may be given to dogs even if they are already receiving medicine, and different dosages are available for different-sized dogs.

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Nexgard is ideal for use on dogs who swim and are cleaned often since it is administered orally, sparing you the trouble of dealing with unpleasant topical creams.

The FDA pays special attention to adverse event reports for many years after a new medicine is authorized. Currently, the FDA requests that manufacturers modify the product’s labeling, suggesting that it is safe!

It is important to note that Nexgard has not been tested on breeding pets, so you will need to speak to your veterinarian. Your vet will guide you through the ideal dosage for your pup!

Final Thought - Nexgard for Dogs Reviews

One of our most important obligations as pet owners is to keep our pets on a safe and effective flea and tick prevention medicine. Fleas are not only painful for dogs, but they may also pose major health hazards to both pets and their humans.

Nobody wants their house to become a critter paradise because they didn’t treat the fleas in time. If we care about our pets’ health and happiness, we must take steps to protect them from parasites like fleas and ticks.

In the past, veterinarians would recommend a variety of sprays, tablets, and ointments to eliminate fleas and ticks. Because of advances in research, Nexgard is a simple one-step solution to kill nasty parasites that may live on your dog’s fur.

Nexgard is a safe beef-flavored chewable that your dog will love! It is easy to consume and can be given whenever you require it. The medicine does not react with your pup’s existing medicine or food, so you do not have to worry about that!

The product can kill a variety of parasites, including fleas and ticks. With the growing number of Lyme disease cases, you do not want to risk having these nasty critters around you and your dog.