10 Reputable background check companies: what is the best background check site?

Sponsored: A guide to the best websites for background checks

(digitaltoolworks.com, sponsored) 10 Reputable Background Check Companies: What is the Best Background Check Site?

Moving into a shared apartment and worried about the new flatmate? Or perhaps you’re concerned if your potential date might not be who they say there are? Read on to see the best background check services you can use!

Running a background check for various reasons can help you uncover a ton of information about an individual. So if you want to know if your spouse is unfaithful or find the right background check tool for the job - this guide is for you.

So let’s get to it!

Best Background Check Services: First Look

  1. BeenVerified – Best Background Check Overall

  2. PeopleLooker – Best for Comprehensive Background Checks

  3. TruthFinder – Best for Unlimited Background Checks

  4. Intelius – Best for Public Records Search

  5. Instant Checkmate – Best for User-Friendly Interface

  6. Spokeo – Best for Phone & Email Lookup

  7. PeopleFinders – Honorary Mention

  8. US Search – Best for Affordability

  9. InfoTracer – Best for 5-day Trial

  10. GoodHire – Best for Employment Background Checks

1. BeenVerified - Best Background Check Site Overall

(BeenVerified | digitalworktools.com, sponsored) BeenVerified is considered one of the top background check services due to its court runner feature, which involves a BeenVerified staff member visiting courts to obtain documents not yet available on their website.


  • The court runner can retrieve non-digitized data

  • Apps available for both Android and iOS

  • Multiple data sources are accessible

  • Three-month advance payment comes with a discount


  • No option for a single search

  • Lack of transparency in pricing

  • May not be as comprehensive as other top-rated background check services

BeenVerified is considered one of the top background check services due to its court runner feature, which involves a BeenVerified staff member visiting courts to obtain documents not yet available on their website. Additionally, mobile applications are available for both Android and iOS platforms.

You can initiate your investigation with any number of data points you prefer. If you choose to prepay for three months, you can avail of a discount.

However, the website does not support individual searches and membership is mandatory. Once you complete all the loading windows, the prices will be visible.

Info BeenVerified can uncover:

  • Phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses

  • Court records, arrest records, and sex offender information

  • Education and employment history, social media profiles, and photos

  • Bankruptcies, liens, and property ownership

And much more!

Another notable feature of BeenVerified is their court runner service, which involves a staff member visiting courthouses to obtain documents not yet available online.

2. PeopleLooker - Best Background Check Site for Fast Results

(PeopleLooker | digitalworktools.com, sponsored) PeopleLooker - Best Background Check Site for Fast Results.


  • User-friendly interface

  • Provides detailed search reports

  • Exceptional customer support

  • Offers social media and genealogy search options


  • Does not provide individual reports as a standalone option

PeopleLooker is a website that collects data from multiple sources, such as public records, social media, and online directories, to offer comprehensive information on individuals. It is user-friendly and provides various services, such as background checks, address and reverse phone lookups.

With PeopleLooker, users can quickly and easily search for people, access their contact information, criminal records, and other personal details.

Although the accuracy of the information provided by PeopleLooker may vary, it’s a valuable tool for those who need to find information on individuals for personal or professional reasons.

Info PeopleLooker can uncover:

  • Contact Information

  • Criminal Records

  • Background Information

  • Financial Records

  • Public Records

And much more!

Another notable feature of PeopleLooker is their ability to search social media platforms and provide information on an individual’s social media profiles, including their activity and public posts.

3. TruthFinder - Best for searching public records

(TruthFinder | digitalworktools.com, sponsored) TruthFinder - Best for searching public records



  • No individual reports

  • Unnecessary scare tactics

TruthFinder claims to be one of America’s most trusted background check companies, and for a good reason! It allows you to reach for anyone, including family, friends, potential dates, roommates, and much more.

Information on TruthFinder is also very accurate as it goes above and beyond to dig up useful info, even scouring the dark web.

Going by user reviews alone, it’s easy to see why TruthFinder is so popular. Customers claim the service to be very accurate, and they could uncover the info they need.

Info Truthfinder can uncover:

  • Social media info

  • Contact details

  • State records

  • County & federal records

  • Birth and death records

And much more!

Another notable feature TruthFinder has is its family tree search. Don’t we all want to know more about our roots? Using TruthFinder’s family tree search, you can learn more about your family’s history simply by putting in their first and last name and the state they’re from.

The only downside to TruthFinder is the fact you can’t carry out individual searches. So if you want a one-off search, you might be better off using a different background check tool.

4. Intelius - Best Educational Background Screening Site

(Intelius | digitalworktools.com, sponsored) Intelius - Best Educational Background Screening Site.


  • Affordable

  • Reports offer educational history

  • $19.95 for the 24-hour people search plan


  • Customer service isn’t the best

  • Not always 100% accurate

Intelius is a Seattle-based background check company that aims to provide you with accurate and detailed information. Compared to most background check services, Intelius is quite affordable and offers a wide range of different services.

Going through customer reviews, most users review Intelius as accurate and fast - which is a bonus! On the downside, some people claim Intelius has a habit of putting many hidden fees on the total price, so watch out for that.

Info Intelius can uncover:

  • Public records

  • Criminal records

  • Educational history

Some of Intelius’ best features include identity protection. In this package, you’ll get bank account protection, as well as bank cards and phone monitoring. The whole thing also ensures a hefty $1 million in case of identity theft.

Additionally, you can also take advantage of the reverse phone lookup feature too, which lets you find out someone’s info just by using their phone number, pretty handy!

5. Instant Checkmate - Cheapest Background Check Service

(Instant Checkmate | digitalworktools.com, sponsored) Instant Checkmate - Cheapest Background Check Service


  • User-friendly interface

  • Mobile app friendly

  • Social media search included

  • $22.86 for a 1-month membership


  • Not the best customer service

  • Reports take longer

What makes Instant Checkmate stand out is its $1 five-day trial period and easy user experience. The site provides all kinds of reports based on the available public information while also offering simple explanations of how you can use the data.

Most user reviews are positive. Generally, people find Instant Checkmate to be very accurate and thorough. The only downside was the fact that users didn’t find the customer service team very responsive.

Info Instant Checkmate can uncover:

  • Criminal records

  • Arrest records

  • Public records information, i.e., phone numbers, addresses, etc.

  • Social media accounts

Instant Checkmate comes with a couple of interesting special features. This includes location search, which lets you find someone’s address using the person’s first and last name, including their address. Plus, the platform also offers a handy app so that you can search anyone up while on the go.

6. Infotracer - Cheapest Criminal Background Check Service

(Infotracer | digitalworktools.com, sponsored) Infotracer - Cheapest Criminal Background Check Service.



  • Some users have complained of false information

  • No iOS app available yet

Infrotracer is popular amongst many, and for a good reason. It supports countless different searches, and it even offers a nicely priced 5-day trial. They also boast a highly responsive customer service team - which is always a bonus!

Plenty of users have only positive things to say about Infotracer, especially relating to the speed and accuracy of the results. While a few have complained about receiving false background check information, customer service was quick to get back to them about it.

Info Infortracer can uncover:

  • Criminal records

  • Court records

  • Assets

  • Social media

  • Vital records

  • Political contributions

  • Professional licenses

One of Infrotracer’s most notable features is its facial recognition search. This allows you to find someone using their photo, similar to reverse search, but more effective.

Another helpful feature is the VIN check, which lets you identify motor vehicle records, accidents, repairs, and anything more to do with your or someone’s car. All you need is a license plate number or a VIN. This can come in handy during an accident!

7. Spokeo - Top Background Search Company in the U.S.

(Spokeo | digitalworktools.com, sponsored) Spokeo - Top Background Search Company in the U.S.



  • Not the best crime reports

  • Hidden fees

Spokeo is very popular for providing accurate background check results and offers a variety of background check reports. Some of these reports include property, historical, court, and consumer records. Not to mention the extensive social media searches the service provides.

The site itself doesn’t offer the same user-friendly experience as the other platforms do, but the information reports are very extensive. Overall, the user experience from past customers is very positive and accurate.

8. US Search - Top User-Friendly Online Background Check Company

(US Search | digitalworktools.com, sponsored) US Search - Top User-Friendly Online Background Check Company


  • Some search results are free

  • Most reports also include contact info

  • Super easy to use

  • $20.00 per month for unlimited searches


  • Not all reports are accurate

  • No single reports option

The US Search tool is pretty effective for finding an acquaintance or an old friend. However, it isn’t accurate for more serious searches such as criminal background checks or finding out if someone’s on the sex offender list.

On the upside, US Search lets you find out some info for free, like the person’s location, before you unlock the full report. Plus, if you go for the monthly subscription, you’ll get unlimited searches - which is pretty handy!

9. PeopleFinders - Best Background Checker For Locating Someone

(PeopleFinder | digitalworktools.com, sponsored) PeopleFinders - Best Background Checker For Locating Someone.



  • No social media data

  • Info isn’t very extensive

PeopleFinders is pretty effective at locating people using its public records system. The platform also boasts a user-friendly app and relatively accurate information, even if it isn’t very extensive.

You can also purchase a single reports option for $1.95 if all you need is limited information and don’t fancy a full plan. However, upgrading to a premium subscription lets you carry out unlimited searches.

The background reports provide information such as their history of addresses, phone numbers, and relatives. If you purchase a background report, you’ll also have access to court records and a check of the national sex offender registry.

10. GoodHire - Best Employment Background Check Service

(GoodHire | digitalworktools.com, sponsored) GoodHire - Best Employment Background Check Service


  • Covers employment credit checks

  • Offers employer references

  • FCRA accredited

  • $29.99/month for the basic plan


  • Some states require separate fees

  • Criminal checks take longe

GoodHire is one of the best options out there for employers and businesses. Since it’s FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) accredited, you can legally use this service for business purposes.

The platform offers a ton of different screenings for employees. The top screenings are education and employment verification and employment drug tests, and criminal background checks. All of which are useful to various types of businesses.

Keep in mind that criminal check fees vary from state to state, so be sure to check that before carrying it out. However, overall, GoodHire has a very high accuracy rating and affordable rates for frequent users.

Top Background Check Services: FAQ

What Different Types of Background Checks Are There?

  • Employment Background Checks are used to uncover information such as the person’s work history, criminal record, education, driving record, and more.

  • Criminal Background Checks reveal information about someone’s criminal history by going through the state, national and federal reports, including any pending criminal cases.

  • Universal Background Checks are usually required during a firearms transaction in the United States.

  • OIG Background Checks are used to find individuals that are exempt from participating in any federal healthcare program.

  • E-Verify Background Checks ensure that a person holds a legal employment status. Often confused with a criminal background check, the E-Verify only relates to work eligibility.

  • Fingerprint Background Checks identify a previously convicted individual who is registered in the fingerprint database.

  • International Background Checks are used to screen any person residing in a different country.

  • Credit Background Checks, usually carried out by an employer, are to see your credit history to see how you’ve handled debt.

  • Personal Background Checks reveal sensitive information like your education history, criminal records, driving records, and employment.

  • Professional Licenses Background Checks, otherwise known as an education verification check, this service verifies if the individual holds the license as claimed.

What Can Be Included in a Typical Background Check?

  • Personal info: Personal information such as your educational and employment history and criminal records, and even previous addresses are often cited as personal info.

  • Social connections: Online social media platforms are also included in a routine background check, including any accounts on dating sites or similar platforms.

  • Professional and civil records: Professional and civil records usually include a person’s real estate and other assets, which are accessed through civil registry records.

What Won’t a Consumer Background Report Uncover?

  • Credit score: A credit score won’t usually show up on a consumer background check, though a landlord may submit a request for it.

  • Financial records: Unless you’re carrying out a financial background check, the financial records aren’t part of the consumer background check.

  • Medical records: Your medical reports are legally bound by confidentiality with your doctor.

  • Phone records: While some phone numbers linked to you may show up, the actual phone records won’t.

What Is the Most Accurate Criminal Background Check Provider?

Infotracer criminal records search page.

Infotracer is both an accurate and affordable background check company for criminal checks. The criminal reports are very detailed, and the report includes court documents that can come in very handy.

Can I Run a Background Check On My New Roommate, Neighbor, Online Date, Etc?

If you have the individual’s full name, address, and other necessary details, technically, you can run as many background checks as you’d like. However, ethically, it doesn’t mean you should. It’s best to get their permission beforehand to avoid any trouble or try to be as discreet as possible about it.

Which Site Is Best to Run a Background Check on Myself?

BeenVerified is one of the best background check services out there, as well as the most accurate. So if you want to see what information someone else has access to, it’s a good idea to run a background check on yourself.

Similarly, if you’re concerned about what a potential employer can uncover, you can also use GoodHire to run a background check on yourself. This will let you see what employment and educational history comes up.

What Do Employers and Businesses Need to Know About Running Background Checks?

Employers and businesses must choose a background check company that’s currently FCRA accredited. This means the background check service is legally permitted to access the potential employee’s records relating to their past work, education, and more.

Not doing so can lead to legal trouble and hefty fines. The best background check service for employers is GoodHire. However, there are many other ones you can choose from, too.

Also, the chosen company must provide accurate results. Usually, you can find that out by checking out other customer reviews to see if that’s the case.

Lastly, suppose you’re planning on doing frequent searches. In that case, it’s also a good idea to see if the background check company provides affordable monthly deals with unlimited or a decent amount of searches. The cost can add up quickly, so it’s a good idea to look into that.

Best Background Check Services: The Takeaway

With so many background search companies out there, it’s daunting to find the right one. Hopefully, this guide made the overall background check process more straightforward, and you have a fair idea of which service to choose.

While BeenVerified is a very accurate service that provides customers with the information they need, it’s one of the many.

It’s important first to understand the type of check you need, whether it’s a criminal report or if you’re a business owner - since every company is different.

Have you tried any one of the background check services above? Let us know what you think, and thanks for reading.