‘Mormon Land’ — Former LDS bishop, stake president and temple architect discusses her transition to a transgender woman

Francisco Kjolseth | The Salt Lake Tribune Laurie Lee Hall decided she finally had to "live authentically or perish." A trained architect, who worked for the LDS Church for 20 years until her retirement last summer, 15 years as a chief architect for the church and as director of design and construction for temples and special projects. She also served as a lay bishop and stake president. She was excommunicated from the faith after coming out and living as a transgender woman.

She served a mission. She designed Mormon temples. She led LDS congregations. And now she is on the outs with the faith she loves because she insists on living as a transgender woman.

Hear Laurie Lee Hall discuss her incredible spiritual journey in the latest segment of “Mormon Land,” a podcast produced by The Salt Lake Tribune and hosted by senior religion reporter Peggy Fletcher Stack and managing editor David Noyce.

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