In one of its largest-ever donations, LDS Church gives an additional $44M to help fight world hunger

“No humanitarian effort is more foundational to Christ’s church,” says the faith’s top women’s leader.

Given its dedication to helping alleviate global hunger, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is giving one of its largest donations ever — $44 million — to support the wide-ranging relief efforts by a variety of nonprofit organizations around the world.

“No humanitarian effort is more foundational to Christ’s church than feeding the hungry,” Relief Society President Camille N. Johnson, head of the faith’s global women’s organization, said in a news release Friday. “We are grateful to have the means to collaborate with wonderful organizations and provide relief to children and young mothers in dire need. As we serve together, we extend the reach of Christ’s loving arms.”

The money will be distributed to CARE International, Catholic Relief Services, Helen Keller Intl, The Hunger Project and several other organizations.

“We are immensely grateful,” CARE USA President and CEO Michelle Nunn said in the release. “Funding from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints allows us to scale up our work in countries like Ethiopia and Ghana and improve the well-being of thousands more children and their families impacted by food insecurity and malnutrition.”

The Utah-based faith’s latest contribution comes after last year’s donations to the World Food Program ($32 million) and to UNICEF’s “No Time to Waste” initiative ($5 million).’

(Photo courtesy of The Hunger Project, Francisca Edwin, and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) The Utah-based faith is donating $44 million to help provide relief to children and young mothers.

“Responding to the growing levels of child malnutrition is a key humanitarian priority for the church,” said Blaine R. Maxfield, managing director of the church’s welfare and self-reliance services. “Our collaboration with these organizations helps provide relief to vulnerable children and mothers worldwide. These joint efforts will bless nearly 2 million lives in 30 countries. This response demonstrates our commitment to the two great commandments. We show our love to God by reaching out to care for his children, whatever their location or background.”

The church’s partnerships with these international organizations is part of an ongoing effort to help solve malnutrition.

“Providing life-sustaining relief for vulnerable mothers and children is an important part of the Savior’s work,” Presiding Bishop Gérald Caussé, who oversees the faith’s vast financial, real estate, investment and charitable operations, said in the release. “We are grateful to collaborate with so many others who help alleviate hunger and poverty. May God bless them and others whose generous contributions make this possible.”

The church reported putting more than $1 billion worldwide last year into helping those in need, eclipsing its 2021 humanitarian spending by more than $100 million.