Latest from Mormon Land: Remembering ‘Wear Pants to Church’; former Latter-day Saint may become a Catholic saint

Also: Respect for Marriage Act is now the law, and a newlywed talks about what she learned on her yearlong backpacking honeymoon.

(Kim Raff | Tribune file photo) Julia Shumway walks out of her Latter-day Saint ward wearing pants in Salt Lake City on Dec. 16, 2012. Shumway was participating in the Wear Pants to Church Day.

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If the shoes, er, pants fit, wear ’em

The slack-ers, so to speak, became trendsetters.

Friday marks the 10th anniversary of Wear Pants to Church Day, a grassroots effort that encouraged women to don slacks to their Sunday meetings on Dec. 16, 2012, as a way to highlight gender inequity in the Utah-based faith.

Men were urged to show their support by putting on purple shirts, ties or socks (the color purple carries historic ties to the suffrage movement).

Since that day in 2012, some dress issues have been, well, addressed. Female missionaries now can wear slacks (though not at Sunday services) as can women who work for the church at its headquarters and its schools.

While dresses and skirts remain the norm at most Latter-day Saint services, pants have hardly worn out their welcome. And for those congregations still allowing Zoom meetings, PJs may be the attire of choice for many members.

(The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) Full-time female missionaries now can wear dress slacks during much of their proselytizing service.

From Saint to saint

A former Latter-day Saint is on the path to becoming a Catholic saint.

Cora Louise Evans was born in 1904 in Ogden, according to the Catholic National Register, and married in the Salt Lake Temple before growing disillusioned with Mormonism.

“I was without a God and religion but had gained a very wonderful husband. As I looked at him and learned to love him more and more, I resolved to help find a God for him,” she once said. “...After 10 years of searching, we found the one true God in the Roman Catholic Church.”

She also found — and wrote about — profound visions (some dating to her childhood), the article notes, witnessing the Virgin Mary and many events in Christ’s life. California’s Diocese of Monterey says she also experienced “stigmata,” the Los Angeles Times reports, suffering unexplained wounds matching those Jesus endured during his crucifixion.

Evans, who died in 1957, recorded her encounters in “The Refugee From Heaven,” which is now among the thousands of pages of documents being studied after U.S bishops voted to see whether this Catholic mystic is worthy of beatification and canonization.

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