‘Mormon Land’: How the fight against climate change aligns with LDS teachings

The command to care for the Earth dates back to the Garden of Eden, the church teaches, and remains in force. BYU professor addresses the issue.

(William Anders/NASA via AP, File) This Dec. 24, 1968, file photo made available by NASA shows the Earth behind the surface of the moon during the Apollo 8 mission. A recent global conference has sculpted a plan to battle climate change.

Leaders of nearly 200 nations met in Glasgow, Scotland, recently to discuss how to limit climate change.

The Washington Post reports that they agreed to ramp up their carbon-cutting commitments, phase out some fossil fuels, and increase aid to poor countries on the front lines of global warming.

To many Latter-day Saints, these are urgent, even religious, concerns.

On this week’s show, George Handley, who teaches humanities at Brigham Young University and has written extensively about environmental issues, talks about how these eco-challenges connect with church teachings.

Listen here.

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