‘Mormon Land’: Author Neylan McBaine discusses LDS Church strides toward gender equity and the need for more such steps, along with Ordain Women and #MeToo

| Courtesy Neylan McBaine

In her 2014 book, “Women at Church: Magnifying LDS Women’s Local Impact,” Neylan McBaine examined the roles of Mormon women in their congregations and suggested paths toward more gender equity within the global faith.

Why not, for instance, have teenage girls hold the microphone at Mormon testimony meetings? How about letting young women take part in what was then called visiting teaching? Why shouldn’t mothers be allowed to hold their infants during formal baby blessings at church? And why aren’t husband-and-wife teams who oversee LDS missions co-presidents?

Well, some changes have occurred since the release of McBaine’s book. Lots of others, she says, are needed.

Hear her thoughts on feminism, Ordain Women, the Mormon #MeToo moment and more in the latest edition of “Mormon Land.”

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