Letter: Comparison brings up interesting link between the views of Latter-day Saints and nonbelievers on Trump

SurveyMonkey’s recent comparison of religious (and nonreligious) opinion on Donald Trump’s moral and legal culpability in the so-called hush money trial brought up an interesting link between LDS opinion and that of agnostics and atheists.

While these two groups are polar opposites over acknowledging Trump’s immoral behavior (a low of 59% for LDS respondents, and a high of 88% for philosophical nonbelievers), they are nearly identical in holding that Trump’s criminal behavior — falsifying business records to keep from losing an election — covered a moral wrong.

It suggests that respondents in the two groups, though far apart in their attitudes toward Trump and his moral behavior, agree on the underlying legal principle — that it was essentially a single act to help Donald Trump win the 2015 presidential election.

David N. Wetzel, Kansas City

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