Letter: For those of you who think your vote has no value, think again. Your vote is your truth and it's vital.

(Trent Nelson | The Salt Lake Tribune) Voting at the Salt Lake County Government Center on Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2023.

Value: An excellent product or service; a good investment; a priceless relationship. Value: Trust and confidence gained by feelings of comfort and safety from your support system.

Value is vital to livelihood and to building a confident next generation. For those of you who think your vote has no value, think again. Seek excellence. Stay engaged. Update your voter registration then vote.

When politicians make glittering generalities and can’t backup their facts with specifics, their transparency must be called out and questioned. We had a president in 2016-2020 who essentially devalued the office of commander-in-chief yet he is once again the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

He took no pay check but promised to donate his salary. Because his privacy as a donor is protected it may never be known if his donations were legit or if he received personal benefits because of financial contributions he may have made.

We as a nation got what we paid for, though — nothing. We lost our sense of excellence, investment in our future, our ability to strengthen relationships. We lost confidence in our mental resilience. Feelings of comfort and safety have turned into fear and anxiety.

When a politician’s “support system” lacks trust, those “allies” either leave the system, get fired or become whiney puppets for a gagged-by-order politician, as Trump is experiencing.

There is no value when 75% of registered voters don’t show up because of apathy. It’s up to us as citizens to improve that measurement. Your vote is your truth and it’s vital. I believe our lives will be much better served when we support politicians who can keep track of the truth.

Susan Sandack, Salt Lake City

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