Letter: All candidates need to answer the question: “Do you believe Biden won the 2020 election?”

(Bethany Baker | The Salt Lake Tribune) A President Donald J. Trump baseball hat sits on a desk during the presidential primary caucuses at Riverton High School in Riverton on Tuesday, March 5, 2024.

I have a real problem with newspeople and commentators who are respected for delivering serious and irrefutable interviews, then falling, if not short, but measurably lacking on some occasions. Especially given this year being the election that decides if we will continue as a free democracy or as a Putin-staged democracy.

Our choices are clear. It’s not Democrats vs. Republicans because there is a large contingent of respected and serious Republicans who still believe in our Constitution and Bill of Rights who will do anything but vote for Trump for president. Along with this group, Biden has the support of the largest contingent of women voters who will not capitulate or surrender any hard-fought rights they have sacrificed for decades to achieve.

This is why it’s important for anyone who has the assignment of interviewing someone who is supporting, aligning themselves with or applying for a critical job, such as vice president under Trump. That they should be asked directly if they believe the 2020 election was won by Biden. And if they equivocate or prevaricate whatsoever, it should be confirmed and reinforced that this person does not believe in our judicial system. After which it should be shouted, if possible, or printed in boldface, that Trump petitioned in over 60 cases throughout this country, with all ending with similar results. Plaintiffs’ evidence lacking and failing to show fraud or misconduct. Including in Michigan where the judge imposed sanctions on pro-Trump lawyers, recommending that their respective state bars investigate whether they should be suspended or disbarred.

Robert Hoff, Taylorsville

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