Letter: Tuberville might be onto something when it comes to mobs wreaking chaos

(Bethany Baker | The Salt Lake Tribune) Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville speaks before a crowd during a campaign event for Republican U.S. Senate candidate Trent Staggs in Bluffdale on Friday, March 15, 2024.

“There’s not one Democrat that can tell you they stand up for God.”

And, “left-wing mobs are set to wreak chaos across the country this summer to help Joe Biden.” (Tommy Tuberville)

I know one Democrat who will stand up for God!

Tommy might have something right when it comes to mobs wreaking chaos — those would be the MAGA maniacs not currently in prison. We watched them storm the Capitol. Of course they will be out if Donald somehow wins.

Which presidential candidate is promising a “blood bath”? Sounds like that’s a cult.

The most shocking thing: “Republican delegates ate it up”!

I thought we were a conservative state?

Craig Dunford, Salt Lake City

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