Letter: The GOP must be cleansed and reborn: Jon Huntsman is just the man to lead that effort

It is clear by now to most of us the party of Lincoln, Roosevelt, Eisenhower and Reagan has descended to a cult supported by morons and go-alongs rationalizing fidelity to a self- anointed bombastic fraud hell bent on retribution, destroying the environment and posturing with dictators.

To contribute once again to our Republic as an equal legislative body, the Republican Party must be cleansed and reborn to participate again in the governing of our most urgent issues and restoring confidence in our democracy for all citizens and the international community.

It is still time to rise up and demand leadership that has the intelligence, integrity, allegiance to our Constitution and successful legislative experience.

There is a candidate who meets all those criteria with respect in the international community and still young enough with the energy to send us to the polls — voting in favor of!

Former Utah Gov. Jon M. Huntsman, Jr. served both as ambassador to China and Russia with broad interfaces domestically and internationally. His nonpolarizing and willing compromising demeanor could bring us back to focusing on solutions regardless of an “R” or “D” origin.

Time to let him know our country needs him now. Write, text your pleas and I bet the go-alongs will start to come along back to the real mission of the GOP.

Peter R. Finn, Murray

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