Letter: We’re very excited about Utah Jazz owner’s vision for downtown!

(Ryan Smith via X) Utah Jazz owner Ryan Smith posted this rendering of the proposed downtown sports and entertainment district on X on Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2024.

My mommy says that she is very excited about Ryan Smith’s vision for downtown. Mommy says that the mayor (the boss of the city) says that it is truly transformative.

We don’t know what that means (Mommy says that no one does), but Mommy says that Ryan Smith’s vision for downtown will make it look like Las Vegas, with shiny glass buildings and lots of flashing lights and a really huge screen that she says will show videos and stuff to promote Ryan Smith’s brand.

I don’t know what that means, but Mommy says that, even though Ryan Smith is a very rich man, he still needs more money to turn downtown into Las Vegas, so promoting his brand helps, because it helps him make even more money. And Mommy says that, even though Ryan Smith is a very rich man, he still needs our help.

So Mommy says that we will pay more taxes to donate to Ryan Smith, even though he is a very rich man. Mommy says that, because we will donate to Ryan Smith, we will have less money to spend on stuff like food and clothes and gas for the car. But Mommy says that’s okay, because Ryan Smith will use our donations to build a fancy new arena (that’s a place where people play sports). That sounds really cool, but Mommy says that, even though our donations will pay for the fancy new arena, we won’t be able to afford to see people play sports there. But that’s okay too. Because we can watch them at home on our TV. Or maybe we can even go downtown to watch them on Ryan Smith’s really huge screen!

Linus Cleaver, Salt Lake City (Submitted by Bim Oliver)

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