Letter: Instead of a stadium, how about funding the removal of lawns?

(LHM Company) The Larry H. Miller Company's renderings for its plans for the Power District development on Salt Lake City’s west side on Feb. 15, 2024. The 100-acre site along North Temple is where the Miller Company’s proposed Major League Baseball stadium would be built.

We do not need a new stadium for a dying sport like baseball.

Instead of pouring my tax dollars into these legislative passion projects, how about they start doing things to make the air cleaner or help us use less water?

What about funding the removal of lawns and helping plant water-wise plants?

How about making golf courses water-wise? No? They want endless water for their endless acres of grass for a few golfers and then berate us with advertising campaigns about “slowing the flow.”

Who are we saving water for? It shouldn’t be the golfers or stadium fields. How about Utah swallowing the bitter pill and putting its money where its mouth is? I would dare say most of us don’t have the equipment, time, and energy to dig up an entire front yard, dispose of it, and then plant a decent looking water-wise landscape.

Sure there are classes and we can rent digging equipment and dumpsters. But classes again require time, and equipment costs money for what is at this time a moral return on investment because I will never pay off that monetary investment with savings on my water bill.

So, instead of sucking $900 million into a project to benefit a few fans, why not help out literally everybody in the state? Because in this state the hive mind is “do as I say, not as I do” when it comes to brainwashing the general populace into doing something to benefit only a few of us while improving nothing for all of us. That needs to change. Wake up Utah!

Eric Browning, West Jordan

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