Letter: In light of Trump’s and Biden’s legacies, I’ll have ‘another cup of Joe’

(The New York Times) Former President Donald Trump, left, and President Joe Biden.

Donald Trump’s legacy will tell the story of a spoiled brat who inherited his father’s fortune and decided lying, intimidation, questionable business practices and never-ending litigation would become his keys to success. His White House years were a total embarrassment as his staff labored, nonstop, to keep the “guard rails” in place. A recent poll of historians and scholars just ranked Donald J. Trump as the worst president in the history of our country.

Joe Biden’s legacy will tell the story of a man who took his oath of office in 1972, as a junior senator from Delaware, from a hospital room where his sons Hunter and Beau were recovering from critical injuries sustained in a car crash that claimed the lives of his first wife Neilia and 13 month old daughter Naomi. This man has survived unimaginable tragedy and has dedicated his life to serving our country. Some may challenge his policies but few will challenge his courage, character and integrity.

I’m a registered Republican but that really doesn’t mean a thing as I find party loyalty, without one’s own fair and honest due diligence, akin to a cult. That being said .. I guess I’ll have “another cup of Joe.”

Bill Owens, Sandy

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