Letter: Are we stuck with Snapchat’s AI chatbot? It’s worrisome.

Snapchat released its AI chatbot, MyAI to over 100 million users. It is at the top of the feed. It cannot be deleted when following the directions from Snapchat’s help page titled, “What are the different ways to remove My AI from my Chat feed?” That is at help.snapchat.com.

The company also gave no option to opt out of My AI.

Watching minors gaslight AI is not as fun as watching my 23-year-old son get it to do and say inappropriate things. I watched my other child, age 21, try to delete it or even move it from the top of his feed and he was not able to.

Snap Inc. is not admitting on its website that they don’t allow removal of it. My sister could not remove it from my 14-year-old nephew’s Snapchat account.

The Center for Humane Technology suggests we humans can win only if we responsibly deploy AI. Snapchat’s move seems the opposite of responsible. Do parents even realize their children had an AI chatbot added to their accounts?

Angie Sterner, Bountiful

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