Letter: I don’t care for the new Utah flag, but the design makes it easy to remember

(Utah Senate) This image taken from a presentation by Sen. Dan McKay, R-Riverton, shows the old state flag, left, and the new flag.

It has been interesting to see the news stories about the new Utah flag, and the intense reactions the redesign has stirred up. Who knew anyone had such allegiance to the old flag?

I admit, the final design wasn’t the one I would have chosen —I was fond of the sego lily theme — and I would tweak the current design to shrink the beehive and enlarge the star. But, I can count on one hand the times I have seen the new flag design, and I can remember fairly accurately what it looks like.

In comparison, despite 40-plus years of seeing the old flag, I could only say it was dark blue and there’s several little light colored things clustered around the center. I never paid much attention to them, or to the flag in general.

Even if it wasn’t my first choice, the new flag is a definite improvement on the old one; only time will tell if Utahns adopt this flag as enthusiastically as the citizens of the other four corner states have for their flags with colorful, graphic designs.

John Middleton, Salt Lake City

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