Letter: As always, the plebes pay — while Trump attends a money-raising rally

(Rebecca Blackwell | AP) Former President Donald Trump is cheered by supporters as he announces third run for president, at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Fla., Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2022.

Seventy percent of the world’s population lives under a dictatorship — often communism. China and Russia are the most powerful. They promise equal shares in the economy for all — but actually the dictators’ top supporters have gobbled up all the businesses that earn money.

The positives of a dictatorship are primarily stability and absence of the continual bickering that soils American politics.

Vladimir Putin has been an absolute ruler over 20 years, reportedly making excellent use of open upper-story windows, poison, and the gulag to accommodate nonbelievers.

Xi Jinping has only had 10 years so far but is well along in publicly purging his government of ministers who don’t kowtow.

Both have changed their country’s constitution so they can stay in power as long as they want.

Twenty years under Trump? Wonderful! His first four were a disaster, including proclamations that climate change was “fake news,” the coronavirus “will go away in a month or so” and the Europeans don’t deserve our friendship!

Putin and Xi Jinping are barely 70. Will they be better or worse with a few more years experience?

Trump is already 76 and has never been a fast learner, except for unloading the costs of his numerous business failures (and runs for president) on supporters.

Apparently, running an online college, a hotel, a football team, a commuter airline and other ventures he bankrupted was more complex than running the most powerful nation on earth. At least he’s consistent — his first four years as president created the biggest deficit ever.

As always, the plebes pay — while Trump attends a money-raising rally.

Frank Fish, Taylorsville

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