Letter: Let the Utah Legislature pass a strict abortion ban. But here are some prerequisites.

(Leah Hogsten | The Salt Lake Tribune) Hundreds of anti-abortion activists rally at Pro-Life Utah's March for Life at the Utah Capitol on Saturday, Jan. 22, 2022.

I think the Utah Legislature should finally pass a very strict abortion bill.

They have been trying for years and years and years to do this. Why not give them this opportunity to finally pass this ban?

With this passage, however, there are demands that must be permanently glued to the abortion ban.

The Utah Legislature must also provide enough money and future support for schools, lunch programs, food programs, housing costs, Medicaid costs and yearly minimum wage increases.

The medical needs of these new mothers must not be forgotten as well.

Another demand glued to this abortion ban should include that the Utah Legislature give free maternal medical support for every new mom.

For those who are married or single and cannot afford another child, I would also demand from the Utah Legislature a safe and well-stocked orphanage for those babies that can no longer be supported by moms and dads struggling to make a house or rent payment.

Let us not forget that a pregnancy is laced with many risks.

Therefore, if a mother becomes ill or dies because of an unwanted pregnancy, the Utah Legislature must also provide the continued cost of the medical encounters and cost of a lost life.

Deanna Neeley, Ogden

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