Letter: Salt Lake City Council should address the problem of streets being blocked by trains

(Steve Griffin | The Salt Lake Tribune) A TRAX train turns the corner on 200 south 400 west in Salt Lake City Thursday April 26, 2018.

To our City Council,

We would like to formally request that Salt Lake City do something about the increasing issues with the streets in our area being blocked by stopped trains at railroad crossings.

This seems to be getting much worse, it is now common for the street our business is located on to be blocked for 20-45 minutes several days per week, sometimes even several times per day.

Example: On Sept. 19, 2022, there was a stopped train blocking 400 S. between Delong and Monterey Streets (approx. 2500 W.) for 45 minutes! Traffic was backed up for miles in both directions.

Trains that stop in this location also block Gladiola St. just south of 500 South, which is the only other way to get out of this area.

Just to be clear; when these two roads are blocked by stopped trains there is no access or egress for this entire area except for going all the way out to 5600 West.

This is definitely a safety concern for our company and others located in this area. How would emergency responders get here in a timely manner if all access is blocked by stopped trains? It’s going to happen.

Please, please do something to alleviate this situation, it has gone on long enough.

Bradley Hardy, Salt Lake City

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