Letter: To restore some trust, the Legislature must find a way to cancel the Inland Port

(Ed Kosmicki | Special to The Tribune) Avā 'Aikona decries the state's plan of an inland port at a news conference in front of a huge, recently completed Amazon fufillment center Thursday, June 10, 2021. With Afa are her son, Tangata 'Olakepa Tavai, 7, and her daughter Pele Tavai, 4. About three dozen people attended the conference listening to five speakers depsite gusting winds that elimated a banner the group hoped to display.

I just read an article by Malin Moench, in which Moench noted seven reasons that the Inland Port should not happen, several of which I hadn’t heard before. The article barely mentioned how the port would increase the truck traffic significantly on all of our main roads, traffic that is already getting too much like Los Angeles.

There is so much distrust of our legislators now, if some legislator or our governor wanted to restore some of that trust he/she would find a way for our Legislature to admit that they made a mistake when they approved the Inland Port City State, find a way to cancel the Inland Port, and vow to not support any new developments that would so negatively impact our traffic, air quality, wildlife habitat, and quality of life in general.

Is that too much to ask of the legislative body that is supposed to be representing the people of the state?

Fred Ash, Sandy

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