Letter: We need to stop growing water-hungry alfalfa

Stop growing alfalfa. Utah is the second driest state in the nation. Alfalfa is the state’s largest agricultural crop. 82% of Utah’s water is used for agriculture, and 50% of Utah’s agricultural water is used in growing alfalfa (KSL.com).

We have water problems in Utah on every level.

The Great Salt Lake is very nearly at its historic low level, yet the suggested legislative solution is to build additional dams and reservoirs. We do need water for agriculture, but water for foods for human consumption should take priority over water-hungry alfalfa. “In 2020, Utah alone exported alfalfa hay valued at $124 million” (USDA Foreign agricultural Services and USDA Agricultural Census).

Could we possibly limit alfalfa growth for local beef raisers?

Nancy Rushforth, Orem

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