Letter: Why is the Department of Air Quality trying to get Utah out of ozone emission reduction obligations?

(Steve Griffin | Tribune file photo) The Church Office Building rises from dense fog as an inversion settles over the Salt Lake City on Tuesday, December 26, 2017.

I believe many residents of Utah would be surprised to find out that the Utah Department of Air Quality issued a request to the EPA for a rule change that is designed to get Utah out of ozone emission reduction obligations. The length (145 pages) of the confusing document is shocking in its intent and the fact that taxpayer money is being used to circumvent the protection of public health.

I can’t wrap my head around how a department tasked with protecting our air would use their voice and position to suggest that we do not need to monitor the levels of ozone in our air.

This kind of stunt by UDAQ raises many questions. For me the most urgent one is who exactly do you serve if not the public?

Sarah Buck, Salt Lake City

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