Letter: Seven Canyons Fountain in Liberty Park is an urban jewel worth seeing

Steve Griffin | The Salt Lake Tribune The closed Seven Canyons Fountain at Liberty Park in Salt Lake City Thursday July 20, 2017.

I read with great interest about the daylighting of three Salt Lake Valley hidden creeks at the Three Creeks Confluence Park in Glendale. The network of creeks is a fascinating part of the fabric of the valley largely unseen as they have been collected and directed to run underground.

This natural network of creeks emanating from the seven canyons surrounding the city is beautifully illustrated by the Seven Canyons art piece in Liberty Park. This wonderful piece physically displays the creeks path from each of the seven canyons to their final destination in the Great Salt Lake. Closed for several years, might it not be the time to bring this urban jewel back to life? It represents an opportunity to rekindle an educational experience about the history of the valley for all to learn from and enjoy.

John B. Shuttleworth, Salt Lake City

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