Letter: How far are cheating Republicans willing to go?

Leonard Pitts is really angry, and I don’t blame him! Just how far are you cheating Republicans willing to go? When I was eleven years old I won my elementary school hopscotch tournament and got to represent our school at a district competition. Turned out that the first girl I was assigned to play on that level was a cheater. But not having experience with liars in previous competitions and with no judges nearby to watch, and not being one to start a fight at that point ... I lost when I should have won.

It was disheartening, but it was also an eyeopener. I always wondered what I would have done if the next player had cheated?!

Democrats won the big game fair and square, but Republicans are now cheating in their states by changing the rules of the game with voter-suppression laws. It’s another way of cheating in order to win.

As Pitts pointed out so clearly, you Republican whites are “spewing garbage like your old broken sewer pipe leader used to do. First, you lie, then you riot and kill, now you change the rules of the game.”

My guess is that these repressed voters are getting angry and may not be so willing to walk meekly across a bridge, and that those standing by unrepressed may not be so willing to let you leave your knee on their necks. Just how far do you want to push this match? Far enough to lose the big competition — an “equal rights under the law” country? I wonder.

Beverly Terry, Salt Lake City

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