Letter: Wasatch Boulevard is not a highway -- don’t use it as one

(Scott Sommerdorf | The Salt Lake Tribune) Drivers on Wasatch Blvd. as snow falls, Wednesday, December 20, 2017.

It’s time to reduce the speed limit on Wasatch Boulevard, and patrol it. Wasatch is not a highway, it is a scenic alternative to the freeway, running through neighborhoods and dotted with cyclists, runners and walkers. I have regularly witnessed drivers moving upwards of 60 mph, easily. What I have not witnessed is law enforcement patrolling and ticketing.

This is extremely dangerous and has resulted in many accidents, and it’s getting worse with the added number of people moving through on their way to get up the canyons. For those who want to drive 70 -- hit the highway. For the rest, move Wasatch to 35 mph. It is time to mitigate the speed on Wasatch Blvd, and to patrol and ticket daily.

Karen Kendall, Cottonwood Heights

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