Letter: Sensible gun control needs to be law across all the United States

Sen. Romney:

I am responding to your comments reported in the March 29 Tribune article, “Romney says he will not vote for new federal laws on firearms.”

I have a huge amount of respect for you as someone who stands on his principles and commitments and puts country before party. Unfortunately, your position to leave gun control legislation to each state is illogical, illustrated with the following analogy. Is it a reasonable expectation that only some states require a driver license? For a start, driving a vehicle without some objective measure of competence (driving test) permits someone to drive a lethal weapon without any training. This person could then drive to an adjoining state that requires a driver license and be fined or put in jail. Dangerous and impractical! Sensible gun control needs to be law across all the United States.

Also, as you represent Utah, what gun control legislation do you want to propose for our state? Please be specific and share how you will campaign on your proposals and influence the Utah Legislature. They have just passed legislation eliminating the concealed carry permit and the associated required training. Given my driver license analogy, they have eliminated the need for a driver license!

Peter Cornish, Salt Lake City

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