Letter: To riff off Mike Lee, what might be the devil’s stance on voting rights?

Mike Lee has the complete and utter gall to say that the new Voting Rights Act, H.R. 1, “was written in hell by the devil himself.” Let’s ask ourselves: Would the devil like everyone in a democracy to be able to vote, or would he like to make it so only certain voters (in white neighborhoods, coincidentally) find it easy to vote? A friend of mine in Germany is amazed by the many state laws restricting voting in the U.S. She told me that in Germany the whole system is designed to help everyone vote, and vote easily. Now that’s democracy.

To add to Lee’s hypocrisy, he and his cronies are saying they need to overcome voter fraud and restore the (GOP) electorate’s confidence in voting being fair. If Republican voters are worried about the system, it’s because sore loser Trump refused to honor an election he lost and has worked very hard to convince voters it couldn’t possibly be true. Yet his lawyers couldn’t prove in more than 60 court cases that there was a problem — judges were incredulous at the sheer lack of evidence.

Likewise, numerous studies have found that voter fraud is extremely rare, with just a few individual cases here and there.

GOP-dominated state legislatures are currently trying to enact more than 250 laws to restrict voting access even more than they already have. For example, in Georgia, they’re restricting voting on Sundays because Black churches have successfully conducted “Souls to the Polls” voting drives. Even worse, having closed multiple polling places in urban and minority neighborhoods, so that voters must stand in line for as long as 11 hours, these Georgia leaders are passing a law to make it illegal to give food and water to people standing in those long lines!

Now that, Mike, is satanic.

Kate Coombs, Bountiful

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