Letter: A course on gun safety doesn’t belong in a school curriculum

(Rick Egan | The Salt Lake Tribune) A participant in the Utah County Freedom Rally at the Provo Courthouse on Friday, Oct. 2, 2020.

I am opposed to HB258; a bill to provide a high school course on gun safety, currently on its way to the Utah Senate.

HB258 is a political and financial support vehicle for promoting the use of guns. HB258 will provide taxpayer dollars to support training for an activity that is heavily supported by corporate interests and gun rights groups. Any instructor would necessarily promote gun use. This provides personal financial support to their industry.

I attended the hearing during which it was suggested that local gun range instructors could teach the course. If there is a demand for a course to get a gun permit, why does the private sector not step up and provide this service?

I ride horses. Horses are dangerous so I’d like a horse safety course taught in high school. The woman that owns my barn and provides lessons and boarding could teach it.

I ski. Skiing is dangerous so I’d like a ski safety course taught in high school. Alta, Snowbird, or Park City Resorts could provide teachers.

The list could go on. This happens frequently in education. With the exception of driver’s education (widely used by nearly all citizens) activities that benefit only a small number of students are taught outside of classroom hours. If a gun safety course was taught after school hours, I could support that.

Barbara Gentry, Sandy

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