Letter: Solving wild horse overpopulation

(Rick Bowmer | AP file photo) Wild horses drink from a watering hole outside Salt Lake City on June 29, 2018.

There is a never-ending battle about what to do about wild horses on public lands. Wild horses have no natural predators and they overpopulate/overgraze the land. The current solutions are not working satisfactorily. There are not enough people to adopt wild horses and birth control is expensive, difficult and controversial.

Why not create a hunting season for wild horses? Horses are high in iron, do not taste gamey like deer and have significantly more meat than elk. It is common to eat horse meat in Europe. Once, when my wife was anemic, a doctor in Italy recommended horse meat.

We have this romantic image of horses and cowboys, but I’ll tell you something. If a cowboy was starving, he’d eat his horse. Ask Jedidiah Smith. It’s not the cowboys that are starving now, it’s the horses. So maybe it’s time to help the horses out, keep them wild and eat some of them. In a respectful way, of course.

Paul Fisher, Pleasant Grove

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