Letter: Owens has much to learn

(Rick Bowmer | AP file photo) Burgess Owens, Republican candidate in Utah's 4th Congressional District, speaks with people during an Utah Republican election night party Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020, in Sandy, Utah.

The Nov. 22 issue of The Tribune has three articles about Utah Republicans with very different views. In one, Burgess Owens talks about meeting with other Republicans to confer about how to beat the “Marxist influences of the Democrats.” He also says Trump should exhaust every avenue to his (baseless) claims of voter fraud. Owens says: “This is what conservatives do. We don’t go out and burn buildings and tear down monuments,” he said. “When the game is over, we accept it.”
Both of those statements show Mr. Owens’ lack of understanding of Marxism and socialism, his distance from the truth, and his unwillingness to reach across the aisle. Though some in the Democratic Party lean left, most Democrats are not Marxist or socialist, nor does Joe Biden support either view. This is the Republicans’ lie. Also, from what I recall, it was Trump supporters who brought their guns to rallies, who shot people, and who, rather than accepting the election results, seem to be preparing for the next coup.
Mr. Owens has an obligation as a representative to tell the truth. His statements should not mislead the public and spread conspiracy theories or lies, as Trump has done for the last four years. Mr. Owens promises continued dysfunction in Congress.
Blake Moore, on the other hand, offered hope when he spoke of befriending Democrats and working together. He and Owens will join Mitt Romney, who discussed his “maverick” views. Romney has (at times) the courage to act on his convictions.

All three of these men are Utah Republicans. Moore’s and Romney’s attitudes offer integrity, a willingness to serve, and are representative of the Utah values I know. I hope Owens will learn from them and help our country recover from the damage Trump has done.
Patricia Becnel, Ogden
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