Letter: Make the truth great again

(Patrick Semansky | AP file photo) An American flag waves in front of the Supreme Court building, Monday, Nov. 2, 2020, on Capitol Hill in Washington.

It seems odd to me that someone who is in a court of law takes an oath to tell the truth, “so help me God,” with the penalty of perjury, a felony, up to five years in prison, with fines and probation, while telling the truth is not a requirement to get elected to the highest office in the land, or any political position.
Why can an elected official who lied to get elected (Mexican wall, “great health care plan,” debt “erased in eight years”) or who lies about fraud in the election get treated any differently than someone who lies on job applications, for monetary gain, tax fraud or any other fraudulent act?
We heard Hillary Clinton called “lyin’ Hillary,” to defame her, by the biggest liar to hold the once-sacred office of the president. We have people believing claims of voter fraud in multiple states, while the untold story is one of Donald Trump, attempting to sway electors to change their votes, in spite of Joe Biden’s victory, in Georgia for example, by 12,670 votes.
Then we have Burgess Owens’ claims of voter fraud in the very election that he won. Maybe there was. By his own team.
Sean Spicer says, “Owens is a great example of what the party stands for.” Yes, I remember the ads on TV: Vote for Owens because Ben McAdams is a librul’, who votes with libruls like Nancy Pelosi! So we did. (Not me.)

Some say “both sides do it,” which doesn’t make it right, but seemingly makes it acceptable.
Republicans, you first. Lead by example. America needs some truth, again.
Tom Kudla, Heber City
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