Letter: Some of us remember the Golden Rule

I am a very senior senior. Myself and other very senior seniors are horrified at what has happened to our country.
Even with the many advancements in technology that should make our lives better, we agree that life is worse now than in our younger years. Not because we were younger, but because we were connected to each other in a more personal and benevolent way.
We were taught to obey the law, study hard in school, respect everyone no matter what color they were or where they came from, and most of all to live by the Golden Rule. I’m pretty sure at least some of you remember what that is.
Politics were not always particularly friendly, but they were never a blood sport — more like a football game. You beat each other up on the field, then shook hands after the game.

We all went into the service because it was our duty to serve. Of all the things we learned from Mom, the one we need most right now is, “If you lie and cheat to win, you will always be a liar and a cheater.” Try to think about that when you make that next political decision.
LeRoy Uncles, Price
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