Letter: Owens should get to work

(Screenshot via Grabien) Representative-elect Burgess Owens appears on "Your World with Neil Cavuto" on Nov. 19, 2020

Dear Burgess Owens: I have lived in Utah for 41 years and I have met a lot of Democrats. None of them are socialists or Marxists. In fact, in my 66 years, I have never met a socialist or Marxist. So, if as you stated you are having a conversation with anyone about the issues of socialism and Marxism in the United States, you are really just talking to yourself.
Please change your focus and tell me your ideas and how you will legislate to:
• Fight COVID-19.
• Revive our economy.
• Fight climate change.

• Protect Social Security.
• And solve our immigration system problems.
If you really want to help this country, please sign off the talk show circuit and get to work.
Bob Gilchrist, Millcreek
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