I appreciate our governor-elect’s claims about voter fraud, and how Utah politicians believe in civility and working together. May I suggest somewhere to start? Seriously consider the recommendations from the Utah Independent Redistricting Commission, and make equitable representation the goal when redistricting. A few facts:

• Biden carried nearly 38% of the popular vote in Utah.

• Statewide, Democratic candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives carried almost 36% of the vote, Republicans 61%, and third party candidates the remaining 3%.

• Democrats hold just 21% of our state House, 20% of our state Senate, and have to fight tooth and nail to get even one national representative (25%).

• The cookie cutter division of Salt Lake County disenfranchises Salt Lake voters, and forces elected officials into the challenging task of representing both urban Salt Lake and rural areas across Utah.

The gap between voting percentages and representation suggests there is some work to do to make our government more representative and be truly of the people. Elected officials, take gerrymandering seriously and respect the voters’ will when they passed Proposition 4.

Taylor Layton, Salt Lake City