Letter: Gov. Gary Herbert is no leader

(Laura Seitz | Deseret News, pool) Gov. Gary Herbert leaves a COVID-19 briefing at the Capitol in Salt Lake City on Thursday, Nov. 12, 2020.

News flash: “Herbert mandates masks!” Do you stir from your profound torpor, sir? While you dozed and dithered, 10,000 super spreaders partied near Utah Lake. Your tepid, languid, flaccid leadership is so slow it seems not to move at all.

Pity the poor deer that wanders in front of your car. It’d be killed, cooked, digested and recycled throughout the landscape before you applied the brakes.

Governor, all you need to do is listen to the experts, and to the soft voices of 661 dead Utahns who whisper in your ear from the other side: “Science, leadership, courage.” Unfortunately, in your defense, you’re no worse than Republican governors throughout the country who, like you, fear and mimic the obese orange anti-Christ in the White House.

Personally I wouldn’t be so angry and afraid of your bungling if I’d advised my daughters to be soldiers in Afghanistan rather than nurses in Salt Lake City. But because of your incompetence, they’d be safer on that battlefield than in our hospitals. And their leaders work hard to protect their people.

Governor milquetoast, when does your malfeasance morph into manslaughter? When will you favor us with a coherent plan to control the virus — perhaps by Christmas? To paraphrase Alfred North Whitehead: “When we witness the frivolous inertia of leaders like you it is difficult to restrain within oneself a savage rage.”

David A. Moore, Salt Lake City
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