Letter: Biden is a good guy

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden greets Rep. Cedric Richmond, D-La., left, as he arrives at Columbus Airport in Columbus, Ga., Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2020, to travel to Warm Springs, Ga. for a rally. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

In 2016, in an overwhelmingly Republican state, only 45% of Utahns voted for Donald Trump. Why? Because he was divisive, vulgar, bombastic, immoral and didn’t represent Utah values. Four years later, he has been shown to be much worse.

Never before have so many from the president’s own party denounced him to the extent we currently see. Retired military leaders are breaking centuries of traditions, speaking out, stating that he is a threat to our constitution. Nonpartisan medical journals critique our country’s response to the pandemic as a failure of leadership, resulting in preventable deaths and illness. Former members of his inner circle, administration and cabinet are stating that he is unfit for office.

Traditional Republicans strive for fiscal responsibility and a balanced budget. Trump’s tax breaks, which benefited primarily the rich and corporations, will add nearly a trillion dollars to our national debt.

Republicans pride themselves on being strong on national defense and standing up to our adversaries. Trump has weakened critical alliances and abandoned key allies. He disparages the military leadership as being warmongers and pawns of the defense industry. He openly fawns over and admires autocratic dictators who rule counties that are among the greatest threat to our country. He has referred to patriots who have been captured, wounded or killed as losers and suckers.

Trump has sought to undermine and discredit key American institutions: the FBI, the national intelligence community, the post office, our voting system, science, the free press, etc. It is time for Republicans to take back their party and reject Trumpism.

I urge all Utahns to vote for Joe Biden. While you may not agree with his politics, he supports American institutions and is a good guy. Donald Trump is not.

Todd Troxell, Salt Lake City
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