Letter: The weaponization of the Supreme Court

(J. Scott Applewhite | AP file photo) The Supreme Court is seen in Washington, Wednesday morning, Oct. 7, 2020.

The death of one Supreme Court justice should not instill widespread fear for the future of our country.
The citizens of America have lost confidence in the highest court in the land. As a liberal, female member of Gen-Z, having a court that doesn’t represent my views (and are as old as four times my age) is very concerning. The decisions made by this court will affect my future, the future of my generation, and my children’s generation.
As we all know, the Supreme Court’s purpose is to uphold the Constitution and provide equal justice. It’s meant to be essential to the process of checks and balances, but instead is being exploited by the current administration. This weaponization of the court is a threat to the legitimacy of our democracy. The court is making rudimentary changes without considering what the majority of the citizens want.

To keep political polarization out of the court, term limits must be set. Currently, justices can push their personal ideologies for decades. The most effective solution is an 18-year limit, with staggered appointments to avoid the overwhelming influence of one political party or administration on the court. This will ensure the justices are in touch with the citizens and restore authenticity to the Supreme Court.
Abigail Waller, Salt Lake City
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