A few years ago, like many others, my neighbors had solar panels installed. Their roof had the correct angle for optimal sun exposure along with no trees or houses blocking the sun from reaching the roof. As time has passed I have become increasingly interested in solar panels and the benefits and shortcomings of solar power.

The proposal that Rocky Mountain Power has given of reducing the compensation by more than 80% seems counterintuitive to their vision of “an energy future that’s reliable, clean and affordable.” If the compensation is reduced in such a drastic way, the costs would outweigh the benefits of installing solar panels.

Out of all power sources, solar power contributes least to waste and air pollution in its creation and use. Solar power reduces a person’s carbon footprint and benefits the owner by lowering the electric bill. Investing in solar power should be something that businesses promote and that people want to be a part of because of our duty to the environment.

Our desire to preserve resources and the environment should contribute to the attractiveness of solar power. Knowing that this renewable power source contributes the least pollution, should we not feel we owe at least this much to our environment? If we have the technology to reduce our pollution to the environment, is it not our duty to do so?

In my opinion, it is not ethically right to decrease the compensation for installing solar power. We should promote using such a reliable and technologically proven renewable energy source due to its benefits for the environment. It is in the best interest of all Utah residents to stand up and speak out against this issue.

Melanie Cottle, Salt Lake City